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Discussion in 'Activities' started by The_Giant_Killer, Jun 25, 2015.

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  1. Re: rate the game!!

    I love meeting people.
    Love hte and ss
  2. Re: Rate the game!!

    I believe this game needs 1 important thing; a maturity filter on forums.
  3. Re: Rate the game!!

    Errrrr lol?
  4. Re: Rate the game!!

    5 but I really wish the rate app part would not pop up during wars. Especially when trying to sko. 
  5. Re: Rate the game!!

    4 maybe, favorite part would be annoying people once in a while and I hate all EB's except for The mountain guy tier 4 EB's
  6. Re: Rate the game!!

    1 star. Player base hates the company
  7. Re: Rate the game!!

    1 out of 5. Friends. Hte
  8. Re: Rate the game!!

    4. Pay to play and they should make it 17 and no chat filter. I also think that would bring more players
  9. Just..... Just Why? :roll:
  10. Even op knows its useless
  11. Might as well just quote each other then until they lock it.
  12. That would be silly
  13. A perfectly logical approach.
  14. nb4Eagle
  15. I'm done with this noon, you're in hit range of my alt
  16. Op, I see now why you're silenced.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.