Mod direct help feature

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  1. ...I mean, I just haven’t been around long enough to build up decent stats. 4 weeks is a pretty short amount of time ya know
  2. This is why we can't have nice conversations, always gotta be someone yapping about some osw or other nonsense.

  3. Is this kaw forums? :eek:

    I can’t believe no one has done this yet... ur all slacking... so I guess I’ll have to do this myself...

  4. That extra awkward moment when you realise the person yapping is derailing their own thread.

    Extra extra awkward moment when said person gets butthurt at being called out.

    Musang, grow a pair.

    Ps, you scared to follow back? Oops did I embarrass you again? Oopsies.
  5. What happen? Why do I grow a pair? I'm very confused.

  6. Just PM a Mod. The majority of players have notifications turned on so when you pm them they get a little notice on phone. We have plenty of the green Goblins in kaw.
  7. Moderators have outlived their roles. Mei and her merry greenies only warn the tou breakers now, so why would you need a tab to get ahold of them? You have wc,clan members, and forums to get your info.
  8. New players can't pm the moderators. They have no clue who the mods are. By having an option directly to the mods. This will be easier for new players to ask for help.