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  1. There should be a help button feature added for mods. This way we have easy link to moderators if we need help. I see in WC often players asking if any moderators online.
  2. devs shld also give us free monies for playing the game
  3. Good idea. And a coloured indicator to show if they are currently active or not. So they can be NA farmed. Oops strike that out  i meant so they can be easily communicated with.

  4. Lmao !!
  5. We are not farmers
    I'm just trying to help the new players in the community get easy access to them
  6. I concur, NA are not farmers. They are for the most part dog walkers. All that remain are gun shy.
  7. Butt hurt much Twicc and Muah destroyed YAFAILS. Let's be honest what's left of YAFI are players who still fear NAL. You guys still trying to scam clans to join you against us. You join LB clans and open fire on us. Then stay pinned so I open fire on the clan you trying to scam. I'm not gun shy and you know I open fire on any clan. I owe nothing to nobody in KAW. I'm not ashamed how I play. You guys still doing that scam tactic that you are pretending to be the good guys. Poor clans you trying to scam have no clue the oldest scam of KAW handbook. You should be ashamed you trying to dragged Kiki back also. She is sick already and she hates me when she see me on her newsfeed. She is stubborn and don't learn from the past. Then last week you tried to scam SP also by joining them and open fire from their clan. You can guess what I did to get you kicked. You know I'm never gun shy. Guess why I have so many haters. Unlike you I can handle my own. I don't need to scam other innocent players specially a known real sick person. Still as long she don't learn KAW unwritten rules or she truly YAFI in the first place.

    Back to subject this feature should be added to KAW. Must also show who is the mod online
  8. Lol silph
  9. That’s it fellas. Laugh at a joke that’s been used for the millionth time because the guy that said it was #1

    Guess I better kiss some ass too..,

    Nice one silph! 

    plz don’t farm me
  10. @Pie maybe it was lost on you but in kaw history, a few years ago, NAL farmed all Mods in order to try and get Devs to change certain things in the kaw game. It was a protest farm and in many ways effective. Thats what i was referring to albeit in a jokey manner.
    Sorry if the joke had no meaning to someone like yourself.

  11. :roll:

    I’m new to the game, you see. I have no idea what happened in the game before about 4 weeks ago when I started. Please teach me more, oh great master. I’m sure I will benefit from your great wisdom :)
  12. everyone knows Pie isn’t new :lol:
  13. Shh 2009 is new. Let him teach me about this game I just joined
  14. He’s clearly a good teacher :)
  15. But everyone knows pie is irrelevant
  16. Eh, 10 posts, guess it’s just a matter of opinion right?
  17. Now that’s just cruel :(
  18. 70% of forumers are low stat accounts that are irrelevant to the actual game, so I don't see how forum posts proves his relevancy. On top of that, congrats on making yourself look dumb. Assumptions can do that. Most people are aware this isn't my original account. The same way pie says 09 but is on an account with a 6 year badge.
  19. forumers aren’t rly irrelevant though are they, they keep the social part of the game alive do they not? and i didn’t come at you no need to come at me :lol:
  20. I dropped build when I quit. I didn’t just make a statless alt to forum with. That’s for nervous nellies. And do I look like a nervous nellie to you? ;)