Mobius Box drop

Discussion in 'Activities' started by Levi, Apr 1, 2015.

  1. Ugh no.. I just bought another box and I can still buy more keys
  2. Looks like the below from GaW 
  3. Well I got Mysterious Luggage attack item after trying well over 100 times.......
    Really isn't worth it for 8 attack

    Oh well happy April Fools everyone
  4. And a unhealth crystal! Not sure what it does tho....
  5. Ive gotten 4 Luggage, 2 Unhealthys, and 1 Cat. Pointless peeps. Nothing good comes out of it.
  6. I totally recommend this stuff. Its avout the jurny. Not about them measly rewards. Its different. It scares away voredom. Go for it. High qualiti stuff.
  7. If you use that items when spying on someone it gives you this

  8. Did someone say 69 mhmmm
  9. One of my alts on an android device got 3 different drops so far:

    Mysterious Luggage
    An attack pot that gives 8 to attack

    H'pp-nohk-att Relic
    An spyattack pot that gives 69 to spyattack

    Unhealth Crystal
    Listed under "Other Items", not sure what it does. I don't realy want to use it.

    It is easy to get those on android. Buy a box. That buy a key and just keep hitting the purchse button until the "you need a Möbius Box in order to purchse this item" messages shows up.

  10. April Fools :)
  11. A real 69 sense of humor. Lol
  12. Fun fact, the reason of the stats was that a Hypnocat costs 69 Extra Credits in PIMD.
  13. So ur saying they had humor back then as well
  14. First time from KaWComm. Yeah. Keeping the SS.

    Us paying customers aren't seeing all this. Would you ummm entertain us too.....

    Pretty please. :)
  15. Just not so much as now.
  16. KaWcom based on the picture I posted from page 3, did you all intend to spark a bit of PvP from people's curiosity of these new pots?

  17. Okay. How the hell do I open the damn box
  18. "ERROR
    Unable to buy item: invalid item 3409 in game 1"
    Is anyone else getting this or have I bought too many keys......
  19. I'm having that problem too but have probably bought 1000 keys and have duo of some of the items
  20. What other fools are you hiding kawmunity