Mithril To Nobility Idea

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  1. Show me the lack of effort.
  2. If Kaw will Implement that exchanging miths to nob many more Fairies and nubs will join war so i guess it will be bad for Old and veteran warriors
  3. The Topest of keks.
  4. How about you can only purchase if u have a certain amount of mith example say u need 20 mith to buy it but it only cost 6 that way the people who worked to get it through wars earned it and people who just buy mith wont be able to get it without work
  5. This would be terrible. Some lbs have thousands of mith. Last thing we need is to widen the gap even more
  6. This idea was fantastic before pvp event rewards were improved.
  7. I'm sorry to say that Mithril is the one aspect of the game that currently is perfectly scaled.
    It's cost is linked to size and proportionate to the income a build has.
    It's a valuable commodity in its own right.
    Having anything that means that gold can be used to buy nobs. Currently a real money or rare drop item would damage the devs bottom line.

    If it were the case I would war when possible for mith. Pvp event and buy with gold on any and every small alt. I would use them to farm for nobs basically and then support this account buying seals that this account then uses for extra free hte gold.
    Thus I would not ever have to buy a seal again.
    Great for me. But very bad for kaw as a business model.
    Purely on that ground I am sorry I cannot support it.
    A good thread though.
  8. Support. Ppl hardly use mith exept for pvp when the get the spells to increase attack and spy power. And the occasional color change and hidding of allies. I think it would be a nice touch.
  9. No support
  10. Eh. We all know it won't happen. If devs listen us, they won't make it for nobs.
    Why buying xtals if you have free nobs paid by fake money? Srry but no support. Something else than nob.
  11. I'm conscious that devs have flooded the game with free mith just from participation in lowland wars, win or lose. In Indi wars you still have to fight for your mith payouts. For this reason only I'm against the idea of conversion between these two game thingies.

    Should mith be replaced with a different thingy (something that is not just given away for turning up) then sure, there is utility in the idea because of the under-whelming mith purchase options.

    The other idea I've seen which I also quite like is replacing mith with silver bars. So sbs to cast spells, sbs as payout, no worries about daily purchase caps. Just extra incentive to put the War back in KAW.
  12. Support! C'mon devs :)
  13. Smaller players pay much less than 3 bil for mith.
  14. Support! Put my name in!
  15. Support, great idea
  16. Would rather just be able to sell it tbh