Mithril from ebs?

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by FLUFFY_UNICORN, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. I see dumb people
  2. Great idea!! eb noobs FTW!!

    /end sarcasm

  3. Horrible idea. No.
  4. Great idea, that is if you misspelled OSW and accidentally wrote EB. If you really meant EB: hell NO. Enough EBnoobs already, why give them mith also? Try to war for it 
  5. Fluffy- forumers are very open to new ideas but you asked our opinion....
  6. (/)_-) another crap idea from someone who doesn't want to work to get things in the game. I suppose we should be able to purchase equipment next?
  7. What do you guys think about mith from OSW? I know it's hard to fix that, bc it's off system, but surely it would be nice 
  8. @enforcer there would have to be a system for what is currently off system first so the devs have a way of monitoring war plunder.
  9. Yeah, but OSW is a lot different from SW. Maybe create a new sort of war. A system OSW  every successful strip gives mith as a random drop on participants or something like that. Let's get the warring back
  10. Lol osw mith? Would be very interesting to WATCH... (I would rather not get stripped LOL system wars! Woot! Yay! Maybe?? Huh...)
  11. Quit being lazy and go jump in a war, or spend the outrages amount of gold on it when KAW decides to let you buy the mith. Pffft! Lazy pathetic noobs!
  12. Man I wish enforcer! Osw is only time I use mith lol
  13. Same here. And also in SR. Damn EB's requiring mith and still boring as hell 
  14. No

    Epic Fail
  15. OHNOS!! Someone's getting lazy~! 
  16. I think they should make a new eb that drop mithril
  17. This is stupid either grow a pair and war or waste gold on them