Mithril for sale!

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  1. I thought there was another sale :(
  2. What evil Necromancy revived this post!?
  3. Just bought 6 and only own 6. Says I have max limit when daily limit is 36. What's up devs?
  4. I got so excited then :(
  5. My lil heart skipped a beat then broke, damn you evil necros :'(
  6. i say we farm whoever bumped this
  7. page 31 grrrrrr hit hit hit :D
  8. brokenwarrior.... LETS GET HIM :evil:
  9. Everyone get BrokenWarrior
  10. Damn it, i forgot me pitchfork again, i never get to join the cool kids and make a mob :( lmfao
  11. Won't let me purchase any :cry:
  12. How rude xD
  13. I thought this was current and I tried to go and buy mith... I was sadly disappointed. Cruel cruel people we have here for bumping this xD
  14. I had gold out for my next land wasted the 6b I had out on mith :lol:
  15. This post was the pre-cursor to the EE's being introduced notice that there is no reference to mith being stopped.Only the top players had the gold to purchase the max allowed and they did,this allowed the purchase of the 1st EE equip when it was brought out for purchase.There should be another 2-3 day sale of mith as there was back in the days before the EE's,to the nay sayers not all mith was earned it was purchased.
  16. Best troll this week  good job necro bumper
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.