Mithril for sale!

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  1. Mithril is now available again for purchase via The Alchemist for a limited time only. There is a daily limit on the amount you can purchase per day and the price may vary depending on your current build/strength. Now's your chance to stock up on this precious commodity as with any scarce resource, the cost may rise in the future. You may find it useful in times ahead. War is coming…

    For those of you unfamiliar with how to use spells, you do need a Level 2 Castle in order to gain access to the alchemist section in the marketplace. We have also reduced the costs of some spells along with adjustments to the duration for everyone to enjoy.


    We have increased the amount of mithril you are allowed to purchase per day, it is still for a limited time only.
  2. What do you mean by war is coming?
  3. How long will the sale last?
  4. Interesting how this was filed under the war section...
  5. This is posted in EVERY section, not just in one.
  6. Sweet....

    Not now the noobs will start buying mith greeaaattt
  7. Hm...didnt realize bad
  8. It's in every section but you can only reply if you open it from the war section.
  9. I don't see where to buy it :l
  10. Where do android users get there's.
  11. Thank you thank you thank you!!

    That last strip war i had put me down to 6. Got much more now! :mrgreen:
  12. It should be for sale under the alchimist...thats what it is on the idevice.
  13. I can reply to this from fanfic.
  14. @HellRaiser:

    If you're on android, idk.

    iDevice, go to the marketplace and check the Alchemist. If it's still not there quit the app, then delete it from multitasking, then go back on it. That should, hopefully, make it appear.

    If you have a computer account, idk.
  15. Will this be permanent or is it just for the time that mithril is on sale?
  16. Dude what do u mean war is coming
  17. Battle Fury & Fog of War now only 1 Mith, that's good. Seal of Loyalty down to 4, Oath of Fealty down 5 to 15 but don't know who will bother using them since both spells to hide your allies are now pointless in a strip war since everyone already knows your top 20 allies.
  18. I can't find it on android :(
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Not open for further replies.