Minecraft Structure Idea Collaboration

Discussion in 'Activities' started by Bluephantom956, Jun 12, 2015.

  1. That's exactly what KaW needs so it can final be killed off, good thread op.
  2. I do not understand what you mean
  3. Me either..
  4. That makes 2 of us! Please explain yourself on that comment.
  5. I think it's kind of mocking the fact that this thread is about Minecraft but we are on KaW Forums, so he is sarcastically saying "this is what we need, Minecraft threads to kill off KaW and get everyone to play Minecraft"

    At least I think
  6. Aha! Now I see! This has nothing to do with advertising Minecraft, If I was saying 'Try our Minecraft in this server, we can build a cool structure!' It isn't advertising, therefore not redirecting the mass of KaW players to play it instead. See it is only logical......wait, now I am starting to sound like Spock. Let me leave the logic arguments to him!
  7. If you were advertising Minecraft the thread would be locked lol
  8. The op said, "All minecraft players"
    And not "all kaw players" and since this is only a discussion I don't think this is an advertisment :)

    Unless you really said "go check out this game" Then that will be advertising :)
  9. It has been summarized! I had the idea to build the zombies map, Origins from Call of Duty. I would use these trenches to serve as a base! I know it would be a weird base but mobs would take damage jumping in.
  10. Just started playing this game and im hooked!! Im currently building a huge glass castle and a few other nifty things. however the Nethers scare the hell out me
  11. Anyone have any good seeds with mines and castles?
  12. You do realize seeds are available if you Google it? I personally prefer random seeds as it's more varied.
  13. @kez, Yes I am aware, tried quite a few seeds from Google, just looking for one with a massive mine or two
  14. Ok, list to bring to the Nether;

    1) Full Iron Armor
    2) Iron Sword
    3) Bow
    4) 64 Arrows
    5) 32 Steak/Porkchops (cooked)
    6) 128 Cobblestone

    If you don't have those on your person it isn't a good idea to go to the Nether. Trust me I know.
  15. This thread is dead. If a mod sees it please lock it. If anyone would like to reverse this decision, please make a reply saying something like 'keep the thread' or something. The race is on folks, mods vs supporters (if supporters exist)

    Please wait 24 hours after this post before locking to give a chance for people to answer. Trolls don't count as support thank you very much.
  16. keep the thread. Not a minecraft fan, but it's nice to see a variety of people on forums, let minecraft fans have their fun.
  17. If 2 more advance that motion I will cancel the request, but it isn't an active thread