Minecraft Structure Idea Collaboration

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  1. Hardcore? That's the only mode I wouldn't try either..........

    Hey, I don't have minecraft pc (but knew somethings in there) and I'm just gonna ask something..... Does nether reactor core exist in pc?.....
  2. No. Instead it has an entire dimension. The nether rack is the ground, and ceiling with lava falls everywhere. There are veins of quartz ore, and globs of glow stone blocks everywhere. Even a large base where terrifying (only to few) creatures hide.
  3. Just started minecraft on xbox with my sons and it's awesome
  4. who the heck is mindcraft?! is that one of those dub-steppers!??! crazy kids
  5. Any build projects that can be done via mc pe ?
  6. No, just a game... Actually.....
    Boring for those who are easily bored, exciting for those who want adventure and survival, and nothing for those who doesn't even appreciate games and to those who didn't imagine what a small block can make... That's all.
  7. Make infinite land without us having to play so much money
  8. How do you get to the end it's so ******* hard!
  9. You just take your time. The game progresses faster when you have a balance between caution and risk. When you have wooden loot you probably don't want to enter that cave that goes down to lava level yet. On the other hand with an diamond pick you may need to go down to get obsidian. You have to weigh your options and that is how you get to the end.
  10. I just jump around until find something cool and I build on it.
  11. I do the same thing. I am a nomad until I find that perfect location. It is hard to do on the PS3 though. Limited map size.
  12. Do you mean the other dimension or the end part of the world?

    If the dimension one you just need to make an eye of ender (you need sugar, fire blaze, and ender pearl (do note that I'm not 100% sure).

    Then throw the eye of ender (by just dropping it) and it will show you the way to the portal to "the end" but it will not last long. If the eye of ender fall down into a block, dig straight down and you should find the dungeon where the portal can be found.

    If you mean the end part of minecraft then blue phantom already said it..
    (Edited because I forgot to say what to do next after making the eye of ender)
  13. Alaissa0121 has basically summarized the game progression. Back to structure collaboration.
  14. Man all these people playing on console and mobile need to know about PC mods. Played FTB Infinity and put about 80 hours into it and had barely scratched the surface. I didn't do thaumcraft, Botania, Ender IO and a ton of other mods. They just add so much depth it's incredible.
  15. I have Galacticraft and Tropicraft but not much else
  16. I don't even have a console or mincraft pc but I knew a lot of them. Camping mod, tropicraft, galacticraft, minions, frozen, the far... (ender-like creatures), the lion king, command mods, pirate mod, fairy mod, furniture mod, alien vs hunter mod, dinosaur mod, dragon mod, cute bots (or cubots, I forgot), the... Fantasy-like one with new mobs which are mythical creatures, the sims mod, torch mod, better animations, crazy mobs mod, etc.

    I forgot the names of others but I knew some more...
  17. Kaw is the most amazing app why change a thing? Cheers 

    Live, Laugh, Love, Led ✌️
  18. Kaw is good and minecraft as well.
    Well everything we like is good :D
    (Unless it's bad... Of course...)