Minecraft Structure Idea Collaboration

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  1. Isn't that how minecraft buildings are really made? Or is there another way ppl build in minecraft other than block by block?...... (except mods ppl did their design by building block by block first before programming it and stuff).
  2. That is fine Larry
  3. There are tools such as world edit on pc that allow you to fill areas quickly. Not for making designs, it just makes large filling easier.
  4. Didn't know a single thing about that :p
    I would rather do it block by block
  5. There is a time and place for world edit. Usually world edit is t all that custom though
  6. Request granted.

  7. I reckon this thread will be flooded with Frog. I am right aren't I Frog?
  8. I wish not....
    If yes I gotta get out of here...
  9. Call the Forum Police! Quick!
  10. [​IMG]
  11. Larry jinxed it lol. Awesome dude
  12. A group of my other nerd friends made it, about 5 of us. It is posted on the web :)
  13. Hands for emeth 
    But thumbs down to op for trolling me. You got me there :p
  14. I did not mean to troll you. In fact I was only notifying you NOT to do what you did to get 'trolled by me'
  15. What?..... And you didn't even say the word "not"....
  16. Oh I get it now...
    I thought the wrong thing :lol:
  17. :lol: Glad we resolved this :cool:
  18. Holy moley. I played minecraft with my son on xbox and it is extremely easy to burn 10 hours playing a game and it feels like 30 minutes have passed. You become upset because so many things need to be accomplished and it's frustrating when you lose everything continuously starting off. The game is extremely difficult to conquer on survival mode. Even on normal. We have only found diamonds on easy mode during survival mode. I highly recommend these real life survival simulators. Such fun. Those buildings you've created are gorgeous. I highly doubt you could build that lifestyle on hard during survival mode. Physically impossible.
  19. :lol: Yep, I don't think it would be. Even in RL with those tools.