Military Pride

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  1. Havent really ever made a thread before but ive never seen one for this topic. If you are past present or future military, any military from around the world, post here your branch of service and country. Lets show some military pride
  2. Hooyah US Navy
    Operations specialist second class
  3. US Army
    Mechanized infantry 11M
  4. US ARMY
  5. Not sure what unit but my dad was a marine corporal in the Korean war and Vietnam tho he never saw direct combat (CRIMSON and GOLD)
  6. Thank you for your service to all the military.
  7. I am a spearman in the great Wakandan army
  8. Hoorah. I was a Corporal in the Great Meme War of 1969.
  9. AFROTC Cadet 3rd Class
  10. Bangladeshi RAB
    Rapid Action Battalion
  11. Hooah
  12. Hell when I was in Centurion meant rank not tank,and the bow and arrow were still on the secret list.OAFAAF.