[MGTD] Wars {Remembrance}

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  1. I remember old wars. Wars of valor, of build enhancements, of non-charm stacking.

    I remember being a GH, Guild Hansel.
    Later, I switched to SH, a Shadow Hansel.

    With the need for higher hit ranges, we added a couple Unkari Ice Tree, which then conformed to SSH, a Super Shadow Hansel.

    I remember later going Hansel, but dropping this build for a girl I loved, to prove she meant a lot, not knowing I can show it in other ways.

    I remember Rancor levels, I remember decent wars based off of barcodes and skill.

    Lastly, I remember people doing The Vanished Paladins after a no match.

    That was something like 2-3 years ago, as the 9-14 mithril payout from TVP and the barely 5% increase in plunder over now Goth - with no event items, was actually worth it to hit for the semi-useful mithril back in the day.

    Now, all the best equipment are from events, and even charm-stacked 10mcs alts can gain the 40,000 event items ceiling from just warring, since the event items and war tokens are not scaled down like drops are on Epic Battles for the same CS.

    I remember a better war system. I remember the old days.

    What do you remember?
  2. I remember new people saying hire me
  3. I remember making a similar thread yesterday haha
  4. I remember when apoc was bigger :lol:
  5. I remember being scared each time i applied to join a clan.Mostly knowing that they will say the same comment of "Sorry you dont meet our c.s requirements. Join our subclan instead." i was so defeated each time i really wanted to be like Maupio and win all the equipment. I would watch on at him in awe and envy joining all the good clans and coming out with the best equipment for the times.So i would say a little prayer each time i clicked ' join' but i always mostly got the rejection reply :-(
  6. Ice tree was added purely for plunder. An ssh wasn't an ssh until they had enough bfa to hit into next range. Bsh/msh being larger bfa sh as well
  7. Nice.

    I remember people making clans like no tomorrow. One specifically was Drake vs Lil Wayne lmao.
  8. This isn’t related to wars but I remember back in the day threads made by people saying they would volley you if you referred their name for nobility(back when you could still do this in the first year or two) blackwulf666 vollied my ass he had a ton of alts back in the day. Before it was cool to have alts
  9. I remember when noone knew what an ssh was. Oh wait, thats still the case.