[MGTD] Merge wars

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    Disclaimer: This is simply an idea concept. A player driven Pvp/war agreement that I in NO WAY can personally facilitate or enforce.

    Struggling with a small clan? Ads and other recruitment methods just not working? Why not risk it all for a chance at exponentially growing your clan?!?!

    Using the old Clan Vrs Clan System wars, find a simular sized clan to form an agreement with. Agree on a date/time and length of war. Rules are Simple....Doors are closed after agreement and winner of war takes all! Losing clan merges with winning clan or perhaps a new clan created all together with winning clan maintaining administration and ownership positions.

    Make it even more interesting by posting a forum thread declaring your Merge War! Engage in Pre-War Banter, and update the Kawmunity on your outcome!
    Make it an item rewarding experience by doing it on a PvP weekend and both sides opting in!!

    Again, this requires things I can NOT personally facilitate. Its 100% Player driven and would take effort of all participating parties.

    Also it requires a solid agreement to be honored and upheld between clans.

    It "may" be possible to find and contact a large "bored" osw clan or alliance and request them to enforce the agreement via a good farming for agreement runners!!

    I Believe the entertainment value of this concept has potential. As well does it promote new clan growth!!
  2. Haha! This would be great especially if the whole merging clans was on system, but i dont really know if this could work off system, too many agreement breakers i would imagine
  3. Yea there would be alot of agreements broken....but that leaves room for witty forumers to create threads of shame lol. Also appease the PvPer's and OSW players by creating a whole new genre of...

    Bounty Hunter Farming!!!

    Tracking down them contract breakers and adding to their shame. Could all be very entertainingly showcased in forums complete with screen shots.
  4. This is actually a pretty cool thought. I mean we've all seen the crap talk etc this would more or less show who's really on top etc. ..

    I believe I shall update this thread at a later date, but soon. I would really like to see this play out atleaste once. In my mind this idea particularly pertains to a productive learning experience and entertaining method for eliminating some of all the current failing small clans in Kaw while simultaneously helping grow/strengthen others. Though this idea could potentially carry over to bitter rivals.

    Besides that aspect this concept promotes a type potentially new "news cast" like war threads. Make it a "forums extravaganza" if you will.

    I have other ideas for this concept to help it become organize...mostly pertaining to various volunteer "jobs" to help oversee the organization and entertainment of this....should it even ever happen at all.
  6. Congrats ;)
  7. :-|