[MGTD] DE0XYS’ Charm collection agency

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  1. Deoxys don’t derail your thread. You just joined an alliance who betrayed you years back. Yet you still joined them even fighting against them for years. If that’s not desperate I don’t know what is. And yeah, you tried telling everyone that it was a mutual yet you begged them and it was made clear in the terms 
  2. I’m going to try and keep this from going any further

    But do you even know who I was years back?
    No you do not, you sit here and chat a load of nonsense to make yourself look like you’re winning.

    You’re a nobody

    A fool

  3. Don’t think anyone cares who you are. I don’t see anyone saying the name carnage anymore. To be fair carnage the only clan I know who has cfed 3 times in a row... props m8
  5. From where do u ppl get so kuch extra time in your life, i mean god your so jobless man
  6. I’ll have you know, I work a very busy work schedule, I Just enjoy my spare time on kaw

    This is to benefit both me and the account who is after the charm

    That comment was pointless
  7. Mixed feeling, personally I do very well hunting things on my own. However,not so much as scam as it is a decent ideal honestly. It's like a convenience store. If your to lazy or can't find what you need at a bigger chain you hit up the smaller one & pay more. Simple plan really, either pay someone to do your dirty work or find it yourself lol.

    Over all makes sense, no one works for free. 9/10 people find an item & tell you it costed X amount over the realistic price. Least Deoxys is being honest about charging you for the time & cs he's invested
  8. Prices too high. Its easier to get a better deal than that than pming you. Also extremely shady and the risk of scamming is.. well, huge.
  9. Yes, agreed if you go ahead and get the item yourself then you will get it cheaper than paying me.

    However certain items take a lot of time to search accounts for and some people really can’t be bother so that’s why I’m here.

    Also in terms of the risk of scamming is minimulized with help of screenshots In 3rd party apps to prove what has been invested into the desired charm.

    So the worry of scamming is drastically reduced.