[MGTD] DE0XYS’ Charm collection agency

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  1. DE0XYS charms collection agency

    Are YOU tired of searching for RARE or hard to come buy charms? Need that extra helping hand?


    I am here to help!
    Simply message me an item you are after and I will help you search

    The way this works?
    You show or tell me the item(s) you’ve been searching tirelessly for.

    I then seek out the item and bid some charms on the item with my own charms!

    If the guy/gal is happy to trade the charms cs amount I will then proceed to message you the amount of cs I will invest in this piece for you.
    If you are happy then I will get the item for you!

    so what do I get out of this?

    Depending on how much cs I’ve had to invest into the item for you will depend on how much cs in charms I will receive in paying

    Below 100mil cs invested = 30% extra of what I invested you pay me.

    ( for example)
    I used 100mil cs of my own charms to get an item you desire. I then send you the item and you send me 130mil cs back (I get my 100mil back and 30mil payment)

    Between 101m - 300m = 25% profit for me

    Between 301m - 600m = 20% profit for me

    Between 601m - 1b = 15% profit for me

    Between 1b - 2b = 10% profit for me

    Let me know what you think!

    Hopefully the B.B. codes work lol.
  2. I'll do it for 15%.
  3. I support you deoxys, think that’s a good idea
  4. Why not just look for your own charms and save the cs? Seems like a rip off since charms can be accessible to everyone. All they’ve gotta do is look and post ads in WC. ;)

    Good try though. :)
  5. Or someone could try and get a side hustle going on.
  6. I like this idea, trading and collecting items is an enjoyable part of the game, but some people (okay, me) find going into wc and making offers can be a bit intimidating.
  7. I knew this would be a mixed response however the idea I have just put forward i do with a few people anyways.

    This is simply just an idea to benefit both people (for me as a lot of people know me know that I love a good hustle and a deal)

  8. Fair enough. 
  9. Found me a charm i couldn't find woohoo :)
  10. So ppl pay you if you dont find it?lol
    How to know if you even tried?
  11. Very true, for that reason it will only be success rate payment, I’ve taken off the 20mil cs.
  12. That’ll be 2 very soon! Just waiting on the account to accept and I’ll send it over right away.
  13. What would you charge me for hooves?
  14. To ditch your condescending attitude.
  15. Be quiet and take inc like a good little boy!
  16. For you brother!

    Double what I paid :p
  17. Bachs one of these weasels who won't even admit he's taking inc ...I pounded this ass clown's ass for 7 months straight day & nigh and all he does is lie about it. I finally grew out of his hit range and it was like my my no. 10 acct or something pathetic like that. 