[MGTD] A KaWmas story.

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  1. I am by no means a writer, heck I'm not even good at it. I have completed the first chapter, your job is to continue with the story. Each person will do one chapter, how long or short is up to you, but you must not skip or jump ahead. For example the person after me will do chapter 2, the person after him will do chapter 3, and so on.

    Chapter 1

    It began long ago... in a far away place known only as Osmon Rai. A cold desolate wasteland claimed by years of permafrost, caused by the gigantic mountains that surround the landscape and nearly block out the entire sun. Beyond the dangerous landscape lies an old fortress known as The Strong hold of Shadows. In this fortress is gold, silver, gems and rubys beyond measure...
    "Or maybe not, it's only a legend after all." Exclaimed cha1n89.
    An old warrior from the Future Combat days. Sitting around a sturdy oak table in the corner of a tavern storytelling to those who will listen.
    "The farthest I have ventured is to the edge of those lands, no one can possibly know what lies beyond."
    A little boy perked up, he must have been no older than 11.
    "But cha1n89! If we are to save KaWmas, this place has to be real!" Said the young boy.
    As the boy was speaking there was a loud roar, people could be heard yelling
    "To arms!".
    "Go now, you must find somewhere safe." yelled cha1n89.
    As they all run for saftey, cha1n89 sat there and contemplated what he must do next.