MGTD “Holidays!”

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  1. Howdy folks,

    The title says it all, make a Good Thread Day is back to boost some energy into these forums.

    What even is MGTD?

    Over many years the forums has always been a hub of creativity and joy. A place to bash enemies and sip a pint at Blumpy’s bar and grill

    MGTD has been hosted in these forums several times in my years here and it’s a celebration of the creativity. One that needs a return!

    The Rules

    In the past MGTD has had themes and this returns with the theme...


    Obviously Christmas is around the corner but any holiday is fair game. You could write a short story on a twist. You could inform us of interesting Christmas traditions or educate about The Festival of Light! You could even make a new holiday based on KaW Lore.

    Obviously RoC and ToU must be adhered to but otherwise feel free to be as open as you like.
    One thing you must do is have [MGTD] in your title. This allows searchability for the future to look at all he previous threads made.
    Also, one entry per person! Whilst we celebrate creativity save any extras for another MGTD!
    Feel free to have a search in the forums for some old threads and see where it takes you for your own ideas!

    The Judge

    Your judge is me. Old Moody here will make my choice the day after the event. I have been forumming for years from ATA’s old game Future Combat to here on Kingdoms at War. There’s little to forumming I haven’t done or know how to do. I like to be interested. I love a debate and I love to learn new things. I look forward to your threads Kawmunity!

    Why Should I Bother?


    Well we couldn’t expect you to put any effort into this without some kind of reward! So without further ado:

    [title2]The Only Prize Worth Having[/title2]

    My first Kaw Coffer! Maybe you’ll get a Mad-Eye from Moody. Or Wisdom from PandaGeorge, it’s up to you and a dash of luck! The complete list is here (thanks to Mei for Splicing for me!)

    When is this magical day?

    We obviously need to give you plenty of time to get these researched, written and ultimately perfect ;) so the date of the next MGTD is...

    Saturday 29th December

    Feel free to post any questions here and someone is bound to answer them!

    Good luck!!

    Moody ️
  2. Ooh I'm excited for this. Been so long since the last MGTD
  3. Awesome!!!!
  4. I might participate this time around. Who knows ;)
  5. You sure you posses the required skill? 
  6. Probably not :cry: :lol:
  7. Amazing MGTD post, Moody!

    I do hope that event you hosted will inspire some people to post new things in forums and induce a conductive, learning place for all again!
  8. Make forums great again
  9. Prizes will be given out Sunday 30th :)
  10. Tomorrow is the big day! Looking forward to seeing some good threads!
  11. So, there were only two entries submitted for MGTD, I propose you prize each contestant since there were only two entries. I would love to have an active forum again. Maybe we can have better prizes. I’m willing to talk with you to work out a collection of items. I do love MGTD, hence why I posted on the first day. It was my raw emotion coming through to aid and inspire people. Let’s make the next one great. Maybe a monthly event. Come to my pm for ideas and brainstorming.
  12. Well! After much deliberation internally, I can reveal in a perfectly honourable second place is....


    Whilst a very thought provoking and certainly an important thread regarding reflection, I personally felt it did not truly encompass the theme of the holidays or holidays in general. An excellent thread but did not quite fit was I was looking for as detailed on the OP of this thread. I will happily discuss with you a future plan for the forums, my pm is always open to you Bella and all of the kawmunity :)

    And therefore, as there were two entries, in first place and thus the winner of the Coffer is....


    Coffer is on its way to you! It was an excellent thread on the theme of holidays and perfectly woven into the Kaw experience. A very interesting and funny take. Congratulations!
  13. Wow thank you! Great job Bella on your thread as well! It was a very truly inspiring read. Hopefully everyone had an amazing holiday! Thank you again :)