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  1. From survivor to survivor know that you are not alone and that a movement for radical healing is happening and possible.

    Share your stories at hands of those evil charmers. You are not alone
  2. are you okay, bud
  3. This one time at band camp......
  4. #ItWasAnAccident
  5. Whoops Wrong hole
  6. If you buy allies your stacked charms might mean something.
  7. Permission to touch
  8. istandwithvic
  9. 200b for a seal koo?
  10. Oh my you guys are preverts
  11. Yeah no
  12. Forums had his hands in my ata pajamas for 3 minutes...
  13. I thought I farted but I. Wait nvm it was a fart.
  14. One time I accidentally
  15. ヽ(°◇° )ノ
  16. .....but I don’t wanna ride the pony
  17. On a Tuesday