Merry Christmas you filthy animals

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  1. So what is the best present you have recieved or given today? I got some nice socks, and I predicted my brother getting the xbox one over the ps4 and got him xbox points.
  2. Socks is always a highlight I guess :lol:

    I got a fancy new poker set ;)
  3. A fine pair of briefs
  4. Unfortunately I'm Japanese and we don't really celebrate xmas. It is kinda like Valentine's Day here, so my gf will get a date.
  5. Christmas isnt about materialistic gifts. Its about the eternal gift available to us through Jesus Christ's birth. Immanuel, God with Us.
  6. I was walking the dog and came across an old homeless man shivering as I walked past in my new Xmas jumper and white trainers and Xmas money in my wallet I felt so guilty about all the things I am lucky to have an take for granted. I turned round and gave him a £10 note and said merry Xmas. He was so shocked . I carried on walking the dog and as I was doing so the homeless man got up and went to the esso garage across the road I half expected him to come out with booze but to my surprise he brought sandwiches and other food .
  7. Much respect to you :)
  8. Got my daughter a new iPod touch and my wife got me some new cologne.

  9. Support
  10. I gave my neighbors' kids an air hockey table and my other neighbors' kids a PS4. No, that's not a hansel account with 4 attack buildings, you pathetic pieces of noob.
  11. I got my name said 500+ times
  12. Wife bought me a ps4 with fallout 4 and fifa 16 :D
  13. will you have KFC?
  14. Best present every Christmas for me is seeing others all happy n healthy.

    Merry Christmas to All in Yours
  15. Ha thats some funny stuff, man
  16. Amen
  17. Best gift is Jesus Chrisf dieing for my sins!
    But I also got an amazing Colorguard flag and pole and a sword!! ;)
  18. I spent my Christmas alone in my apartment, unwrapping gifts I'd bought myself.
    Merry Christmas to me.
    Me bought me an Xbox one, a new TV, and a few games.