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  1. Lol.. Funny.. Awesome foxy...
  2. Amazing thread :lol:
  3. This post is glorious.
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    i dont think this is how it works
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    This forum was good, I liked it :) good job!
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    I mean, its an alright thread but it was made ages ago and you just bumped it abd changed the title..
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    Yeah... the thread wasn’t made for this make a Good Thread day and as it hasn’t been “maked” then it can’t count.

    An awesome thread of course with lots of effort but can’t be used for the prizes.

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    How is this not locked for necrobumping?
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    Thank you :D
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    Oh is it sorry i didnt know .. i just copy their MGTD haha, i dunno there is contest o_o nvm i will edit the title
  12. @op

    >spams facebook tier dog memes
    >Meme war

    Try harvesting the meme magics to get a thicc orange man from a TV show elected as POTUS.
  13. This was hilarious one of the few great posts I’ve seen
  14. Thank you😘
  15. Lmaooo haha thats funny
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  16. Love it
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