[[[ "Memes in WAR' ]]] Updated

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  1. Hahahahahaha, some made me actually lol, :lol:.
  2. The roll call one, lately I've been one of the last two, lmfao. Typical: "Here" (forgot to check my cr).
  3. You missed after the spam hard:
    "I got one hit in"
    "I got three".

  4. Yah lazy to check cr lol
  5. Something actually original and funny in forums... :D

    Thanks for taking the time to make this, made my day

  6. Thank u so much :D
  7. Thanks. Needed this after a long day at work 

  8. Have a wonderful day, :D
  9. This is qt
  10. Half of these memes are said in a single war lol
  11. Nice lol ty

  12. Thanks :D

  13. Roro sis :D
  14. I missed war HAHAHA
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  16. Lol great
  17. When's the next thread foxy!