Megazord Leslie

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    We are a fearsome and new alliance of clans, we currently consist of three guilds: Snopoint, ZEFT and YAFO.

    Edgy pic of grim reaper

    Although relatively new, we are an almighty powerful force of thumb warriors, be scared by our MASSIVE numbers and realise... That you are just an ant in our path while we are on our way to complete our objectives.


    ‚ÄčNumero uno:
    Total domination of KaW
    70% complete

    Numero dous:
    Make top 50 pee their pants by pinning them into submission
    25% complete

    An image you'd never ever see in a clan thread

    Numero tres:
    Have a clan consisting of many notable greats Jackson, Benny and Myself[color]

    There is none

    I guess I'm pretty high up here?

    Default google image for medieval war picture

    1. There are no rules
    2. Be respectful towards klannies
    3. You must come home every full moon for our Blood Ritual Sacrfice
    4. Cult activities must be performed in full robe
    5. Sheep entrails

  2. Sprout! :roll:
  3. Good luck.
  4. I dated a Leslie once
  5. Good meme good meme *claps*
  6. Lol
  7. Y am i a gei colour