Meeting 1: Agenda

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  1. Mmmh, love the fire being thrown around. Provoking, twisting words, omitting some for a more flavorful bash.

    This thread sums up humanity well.

    Something on topic: Cool, homosexuals can get married. I generally avoid the term "gay" because I still believe in its root of being lighthearted and carefree, still trying to figure out when it became slang. Anyways, that's just my belief on the word, but yeah. Good for them, they can get married. They'll still be oppressed because of differentiating opinions, as will everyone else. This includes straight people, males, Caucasians, Asians, females, transvestites, etc.
    Everyone will be oppressed somewhere. Some, way more than others. Just give humans time, it's still relatively new and we need to get used to it. Humans hate change and love being sheep, so let them be and go about your day as peacefully as you can. If someone wants to ruin it, then you can have fun with your knuckle dusters.
  2. This thread is not about religion. At all. It's about legalities and equality rights. Please leave me and my soul out of it. And leave my thread.
  3. Do you still believe in Santa? You're god is like a abusive relationship if you don't like him back you get tortured forever
  4. To each their own, gay or straight as long as they are happy that's all that matters in this day and 2 cents BUT, when you bring religion into that's a whole different ball game, the irony is religion has caused so many issues it puts sexuality into a different context, that's where the complication come into it
  5. I'll march in your straight pride parade Xtreme.
  6. God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve
  7. All of u who are against it are irrelevant lol. It's legal all over us now, get over it.
  8. To be honest, you can be against or for anything once it's legal.

    I mean. Look at the ACA. They still fighting that
  9. There can never be enough days for a mass mince walk down a city's main street
  10. the bible is fun, starts with the first book. "women should obey men"
  11. Not necessarily look at Colorado and Washington legalizing marijuana against federal law and regulations.
  12. to that i'd say: Get a real country
  13. this thread turned quickly into who had it harder.
    I am a straight white guy, does this mean my life has been rosey? i can tell you now it has been far from rosey, but the sooner people stop sayin i have it harder than you and thinking that they are in a struggle the sooner we start helping each other and moving on to a better life. i got through what i had to because of people like that, because of people havin their own struggles but also willing to help people struggling.
  14. Easier to hate everyone equally
  15. we should burn all these lgbts
  16. ******* kill them all. ******* faggots. hope you die in the hell
  17. Reported. Thanks.
  18. I'm better equipped to handle a gay agenda? Should I be insulted or touched?
  19. I was waiting for your glorious pictures. Ya know.... Support gay guys and gals
  20. Don't be touched. Would make the thread pretty awkward if you get touched.