Mayweather vs. Pacquiao Predictions

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  1. Eh, I'm not a fan of Mayweather. At all. And I consider some of his record to be crap, that could be me being bias towards him.

    From what I've seen from matches from both fighters I think manny has had the tougher fights while Mayweather didn't challenge himself. Again I haven't seen all of Mayweather's fights so my opinion is based on what I've seen.

    Pacman is one of my favorite boxers so I'm hoping he wins but not sure he will.
  3. Had to and that gif And song is funny as poo
  4. I like pacquiao more as a boxer but I think Mayweather has a step up on pac.
  5. Team Pacquiao vs. Team Mayweather

    Starts in 8 hours, lasts 1 day

    Pick your side! 
  6. Floyd winning the fight so far. Damn. I'm on Team Pac but I predict a Mayweather win by decision.
  7. Live streaming on periscope.
  8. Mayweather is still a *****
  9. Beyoncé, the best thing about the whole fight.


  10. He's too small for me to smack anymore. Lol I think he dropped build.
  11. May have got the round wrong but I knew money would win!!
  12. Again, called it!
  13. He actually Hugged the whole 12 rounds
  14. Even though Manny lose we still have FULL support to him :)
    #GoManny #OneForPacman
  15. Pretty sure I said Floyd by decision on page 1. From what I heard the fight was boring lol.
  16. Look who got it right as very first response B) much sweg such waw B)
  17. Spot on.
  18. Get out of forums.
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