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  1. When did you hear IDD did a strip. We don't need to show off on those thing. We know our capability that's all is important.

  3. Why you laugh because you have nothing to say or can't comprehend the logic of the truth? Say guys like everyone must know what you accomplished. This tend to happen to weak minds. They always need acknowledgment in every accomplishment they have. No self confidence. Why would you show off abk out fake gold. They are not the main reason you war. You war because of your friends or online family in clan. Those are main reason no war. If you war to be number 1 then the war is not worth fighting for. If you war to break the biggest strip on KAW then the war is not worth fighting for. In war it's not only you get affected it's your whole clan is not only in game but their RL. Their family and time. Don't take them to war if your war is no reason but just to show off. We fight for a reason, we will continue on until we decide to stop.
  4. #YaWantSum?
  5. #IalreadyGotSum
  6. #Kinky
  7. How can their real life be affected by the tap tap game??
  8. Unless you are not tapping manually your device then don't affect you. Many spend 12 to 18 hours a day tapping devices during work or at home for months. You think that's not going to affect someone or their family. Be real to yourself or to your friends how true OSW is done manually. That's the reality of OSW. I always advice members never play the game while driving. Even being strip while driving don't bother let the strip go on until you are safely park. They are fake gold after all. No sense risking your life and life around you on the road
  9. If the game affects your real life, family, friends work or anything else important.
    Then stop playing. Take a break.
    This is a game. It's supposed to be a fun social app with a war game tacked on.
    Yes some gamers lock themselves up and spend stupid money on coding. That is their loss.
    Real life first everyone. Kaw should just be your downtime and blow off some steam time whatever type of game play you choose.
    Nothing on here is worth losing time with family.
    Play for your friends on here. Not to lose your life outside of kaw. Even the number one slot on lb will never replace that.

    As for worms. Huge respect for the level that Rh and worms took warring too. It's a shame they devised tactics that destroyed ee for others though which is ultimately what killed that system for them and others.
    Short lived glory at the expense of longterm value. Wonder of they would be together still if they had not exploited so much.
  10. You be surprised how others play this game and how much real money they spendYou think they spend that much money on a game just to quit 
  11. Lol I know what others spend on this. Will be doing a forum on that soon. Crazy people.
    Beer money I get. Whales I love. They make the game free for the rest of the players.
    Doesn't change that they have a game addiction issue though. And that addiction can destroy lives and families.
    Hence why I always say play it for a game. Socialise first in game. But always put real life first.
  12. Haven't spent a dime on kaw in 4 months. Haven't played properly for at least 4 months. Musang, your still here?

    Apparently you tap away for 18 hours a day pinning on ebs is what I've heard and your eb history says the same. All my posts on this thread have been while I'm driving lmao.
  13. Lol I hated tracking worms. I internally groaned every time you guys popped up as opponents. Last 2 weeks of season 1 we traded wins/ losses, respect for that. Still glad I don't track worm codes anymore lol 
  14. You still a runner and my point why reminiscing your past clan that you give up on and run. You should have stayed to be the last man in a clan like a true warrior instead of just a KAW Queen cheerleader . Stop talking nonsense on other clan OSW if you can't hold on your own clan and be EB fairy like us
  15. Last man in the clan? Lmfao we made a HTE clan for funds and I made everyone leave so I could go toe to toe and they wouldn't be hit. Worked perfectly.
  16. No replies?:(
  17. Musang you selfpinned for 18hrs a day everyday of the PVP event and you still didnt get a good amount of shards. You sleep for 6hrs each night, and then wake up to your 20 or so accounts and selfpin all day (Half are not yours). You go to work, flip a burger then unload. Flip a burger, unload. (works in a burger place) All of what you've said in this post is hypocritical and half of its the same old immature comment from Master Musang.
  18. If KaW is affecting your RL- quit. Advice from musang.

    This comes from a guy who probably lost his wife over KaW. Divorced and admits he still loves her. The fact I know you said that shows you really need to learn that this is just a game.