May old souls rest

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  1. Oh no more scouts!!!! Lol you belong in yafi. Get ur scout on! Haha
  2. You just got zeroed by a 100k spy atk build. How you feel?
  3. Dont toot ur horn just yet sweetheart. Yafi been scouting me for 5 days straight. Lol
  4. But how does it feel to be a war runner? I couldnt imagine it. Its like begging for ur life on ur knees and u still get killed. Lol
  5. What war did I run from lmao?
  6. Hahahaha Valentina is more fun to be around. I change my mind stay in KAW with us. Your reset button is disabled now miss Valentina Queen of KAW
  7. I bet you tell yiur clannies who quit their reset button is disabled also, so you can poach their dead accounts lol
  8. Can't we all get along?
  9. Poach? What's happening to your kings buddy not happening here. We have few inactive accounts that are busy in RL and ask not to be kicked. No wonder you are a runner. Your mind is so weak you believe in anything anyone tell you without proof. See to play online game first you have to have balls which you lack off. Next strong independent mind not be easy to persuaded on anything without proof. Third be stubborn like us All those 3 things you don't have 
  10. Best to keep those pom pom handy because that's all you will ever need in KAW. KAW Queen of cheerleader is you will ever accomplish which we will crown from now on
  11. Them worm spies were everywhere :)
    Ok mr pro oswer. I'll be sure to take your advice. Why dont you go back to sending your wc ads and trash talking as usual.
  13. Let me know when you fight an actual OSW clan. Alone. Trash talk in wc we'll see how that works out for ya. Pom pom fairy. I got that insult off musang, I'll probably repeat it in every reply, because I lack the brain cells to compose a proper argument, or the action to hit.
  14. Just don't get offended if you are just being ignorant saying things without proof. I can understand why you say such thing. You are a weak mind and believe anything anyone tell you. Maybe from now on start investigating first. Kings think all IDD is me. You have to be so stupid to believe that. Real OSW? There is no such thing as real OSW. Anyone can fight even the smallest account as long have the 3 quality I stated earlier which you don't have
  15. Your first and only OSW was with an EB clan, you muppet. I've done and will continue to do more than you. Get used to it.
    Edit; your sdp burnt fast musang. Where did it go.
  16. Now I get it. Musang can't find the atk button because he's fixated on forums. Up next WC.
  17. Miss Valentina doesn't mean your accounts in HTE clan. Ours have to be like yours. How would you know what account and where are oursSee you stating another ignorant assumption that because we are IDD means all our account is IDD 
  18. My name is clearly Resilience, and not Jac. 
  19. Your racking up 100 plus actions as an atk build in 2hr long HTEs. And you tell me I don't have the balls to stick around in OSW? What's the biggest strip you've even done. If its not in the double figures in the trillions then I'm afraid I've beat it on my own.