May old souls rest

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  1. Oh did I hurt your feelings Valentina? Now you making up story to cover your feelingsbest way to hail your guilt for a war runner is admit it first. Nothing wrong being weak as long you admit it and be strong next time. It's understandable you run. Bellemorte beat you up really goodI would run too if I see her on my news HAHAHAHA
  2. I'm still here.
  3. WAIT. I didn't know Jac is Resilience

    That makes a lot more sense now
  4. 3 wars, WR won of them. Makes sense
  5. Lol "WR won of them"

    Makes sense
  6. I had the pleasure of warring with the worms on several occasions. Slender helped me make a proper guild Hansel back in s2 :lol:

    I came into ee late, my first real war family being the V hawks and then eventually minas morgul.

    I miss seeing you guys out there doing your thing and not giving a ****
  8. Lol valentina should join his buttbuddys and quit too. :) all she has left is kissing yafis ass. What a warrior she is. Hahahaha
  9. Uhhhh... Most of these guys are still here?
  10. Beer, Valentina only good as a cheerleader. We should crown her as KAW Queen cheerleader 
  11. Noobacus, thanks for correcting me slave
  12. Lmao beer and musang you two are hilarious. Prob biggest hypocrites about. Funny how you can just slander both clans and they do nothing. Let me know once your done getting your asses handed to ya. Maybe you'll stop pinning on HTE and be a worthwhile target
  13. Why don't new age and IDD actually team up. They so far up eachothers ass already they may aswell get together so they can run more HTE faster
  14. Hehe u aint gotta tell me. He came out with pom poms on yafi nuts. Lol
  15. Ohhhh she got a lil upset 13x attacks lol.
  16. I was in yafi, I actually supported underdog NA If you check early pages. Then you became idiots lmao. Apparently it's an in clan joke to act like retards. Great joke I guess lmao
  17. We became idiots huh? Coming from the guy who posted a moron talking about poo glue, and apparently u miss that. Ironic huh? Lol
  18. Yes, great joke indeed!
  19. This peasant is not familiar with pedomoon speak. Get outta here noob.
  20. Lol i would usually be offended by being called a peasant but it makes me feel better that u are a war runner. :)