May old souls rest

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  1. Obey Val? Are u kidding me?... That was never a rule lmao
  2. BC LIVES gj val, yea best times in worms sad its over, but yea time goes on :/
  3. Time doesn't go on
  4. One of the rules was to obey me, wat r u talkin aboot.

  5. Valentina no support you still ass worm go pick your Pom Pom and stop worming around or reset already
  6. :shock:
  7. I'd be surprised if those IDDiots had the firepower to pin 1 of my accs lul
  8. And i am not worm - Anarchy - please for the love of god stop ming me the weird stuff you men do to each other k? I gave him his name back ! Lol im his evil twin sister though bahaha love you wormies <3 val xoxo
  9. pming* not ming lol
  10. 
  11.  was a blast, especially when we "clinked" that clan 
  12. Growlithe here, worms and wolves Reborn rivalry was great. Miss those times!
  13. Is this a retirement thread? (Yeah, you did not stated so) or a melancholy one?
  14. I wasn't a worm, but I spent more time in worms than any other clan. Brilliant group, lot of fun.
  15. Valentina, that's what happen to a clan if you run like a little girl when there is an osw. If you only stayed and fight until the end. You should still have worm clanJust reset already and stop begging for sympathy in forum.
  16. Lol a rivalry? Us kicking their ass every time isn't a rivalry
  17. What are you even talking about. Most worms quit the game before we even done a proper OSW. Son, I know your worthless ass can't even take out an eb clan, don't try say the rest of us are incapable. I know all your accounts are just handy-downs from when your clan members quit the game, and you probably beg them to give their accounts to you. Legit warrior with his charity fund alts.