May old souls rest

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    <3 Wormies
  2. What do you mean no you noob?
  3. I mean no

    I am
  4. Leave my thread.
  5. It's my thread

    I am worm leader
  6. Those where the best times in my kawreer, met alot of great people there and always had a great time on cc , WORMZ
  7. I still luvs yew ewok️
  8. Phart who doesn't love ewok, even to the point that they love to farm me lol, miss all the wormz :)
  9. Espeshially me️
  10. Huber here , was fun while it lasted.
  11. I loved the worms, but they had to choose to pull a pickle from my jar and start a fight.

    It was all good fun though. :lol:
  12. Ur huber

  13. Zach here

    I'm small
  14. Lmao yes i am
  15. Well **** you
  16. All hail the mightiest worm of them all..Hk

    I am deeply saddened to inform you that he will be by my side 'til the end of time. Hk is luv, Hk is lyf.

    Sorry, but I need him more than you.


  17. v hk love mes more :ugeek:
  18. Hk loves us more than you dia 
  19. Was fun warring you lot during s1/2 while I was at DS, had to track you guys by owner/value lol
  20. No rules except obey Val. should have joined when I had the chance.