May old souls rest

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  1. 

  2. They say the good die young that’s the truth
  3. Not if you take the proper medication
  4. You ever notice that pretty much everything in life starts out wonderful and ends up 105° steaming poo.

  5. A virus of this size could never be contained by such things like medicinal help. You’re gonna need a higher power to take care of it 
  6. OP I farm many times to drop build and quit. I’m an ass of a legend unlike this chump cries on his sleep and quit
  7. Lying out of your ass loser boy
  8. It’s a body for uh body 
  9. Worms was a great sys war clan but not many were actually good farmers or osw warriors. Val was smart enough to know that, he was an amazing leader and strategic thinker. However, this new turd of a leader-wannabe demon... I’m still waiting for him to hit me back, I think I been farming him for 3 days now and all I got so far is threats...Oh and 7 fail inc. I am low now, your sts are better - come at meh wormie, you can do it!

  10. First of all, you don’t get anything from because you simply aren’t relevant enough. My NF/pm’s have many more important things going through them then you
    You constantly pm, wall, now forums so here’s the one and only response you’ll get from me.

    Stop begging for my attention, if you want it. Get good.

    As far as the leadership/Val remarks
    Yes, Val was a very smart leader and yes we all loved him very much. Now, there is so little that you know about worms or any of these things you speak about so I won’t get into Val with a nobody. One thing I can assure you of is nobody is trying to be Val here. Infact, we are specifically aiming away from that.

    Worms are back, for real this time. We are hated by many already, which is pretty funny. It does drive us to be better tho! So hate on!! We are in everyone’s mouth, everyone wants to talk to our council, everyone has something to say about us, these things come with success.

    Goodbye, weenie.
  11. Lol please...I walled you once, asking to use that link, but you deleted it quickly. Must be embarrassing if others know that you just lay there and take it lol You’re the one who pm me, first with threats, and then ‘what’s your problem’ when I didn’t stop. Don’t tell me you’re busy with others in your nf cos I’ve been tracking your battle sts, and 85% of your wins are my atk fails when I pin on you. Must suck that I even get some wins with my baby troops huh lol Only thing you’re busy with is running your mouth. I came on here to call you out, you can’t delete that like you did on your wall - if this is how worms are back, with your pathetic ass as one of the leaders, then I feel sorry for what used to be a good clan.

    See you in your nf, won’t hold my breath to see you in mine. But that never stopped me from farming. You’re nothing but a punching bag and I like to have one at all times so that works.
  12. Worms was not even good SWAR. TAKA far better SWAR warriors than this idiots. Why do you think I made VAL quit many times. He drop build and quit. He comeback bought new account and hide. After a while when drunk show up on my news and smack him again to drop build. Finally he quit for good

  13. Dude you never made anyone quit ever
  14. Ask OP who made him quit? Oh no you can’t ask him because I made him quit KAW 4x the 4th times he quit for good. an’t handle incs true story
  15. Blazey u nerd

    I’ll pee in ur cat food
  16. Lol phart glad to see you still play! But my cat did nothing to you goddamnit...

    Btw I’ll have to agree with my farm, musa is dreaming.
  17. Beer!!!!!! Moonface
  18. Someone told me Val is back. He is hiding tho because he knows if I find his new account I will smashed him to quit again. He is so scared of me. True story

  19. Val didn’t even leave you sound so slow.
    He’s just not a worm.