May old souls rest

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  1. What are the credentials needed to become "a worm " ?
  2. Only requirement is to have legs as a worms. You gonna need it to run
    History thought us when worms got beat up by LR girls they run like chickens
    Picture a worm runs and you see how funny it is 
  3. I have fixed your grammar mistakes. :)
  4. Thank you snoopy I'm glad you helping me. My grammar really sucks and I'm British 
  5. hi Mustang .Snoopy going by that spot on theory must be daddy long legs because he ran from iG osw to be in Worms now !

  6. The first requirement is to not be named roni
  7. Please learn how to spell and use grammar. It hurts me that you have such a small ability of grammar. I suggest an English course. Maybe two actually.

    Oh and hello Roni. :)
  8. Poor little worms trying to inflate their names. All knows that they are just a copy cat by Omet EE war tactics. Statistically Omet did way more win against them. Yet here they trying to say they are the best in EE. One thing they are the best I know is running when get beat up by girls 
  9. When that idiot snoopy gets called out his only recourse is to play the grammar card.

    Jerk. That's something you can't fix head.
  10. -V- can't handle me he's putty in my hands !
  11. Alison, Roni and Musang... Bet they are all in the same special needs class.
  12. Yo wtf is this. I've got the 3 biggest jokers in kaw on MY thread. What the hell are you doing on it? I'm way out of your league. Go away.
  13. I'm setting a mandatory requirement of 120m CS to post here, otherwise nobody listens to a thing u say. Starting from now
  14. Damn that's not very fair
  15. You like putting what I have to offer in your hands, and other places. Every night.
  16. New age can't even afford a 8 HTE's a day yet he is talking about our clan lol
  17. Having class is free.-V- has none. if you knew what he told me the credentials were to become a worm you'd understand .
  18. Running a train? That happens to every probie, I still hurt from when it happened to me.
  19. What is a worm train ? is it like when you get jumped in to a gang ?
  20. I think everyone knows what kinda train pleases a worm.