May old souls rest

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  1. Worm were in an osw with LR, most were naked and just inactive. They also tried a merger with bh. They were prob the best clan at ee. Though not many if their members were suited for osw. Val is prob the only worthwhile osw member, but he can't be bothered to actually join a clan that would benefit that.
  2. How many times this idiot gonna keep doing this retirement thing. Why don't you just smashed all your devices idiot 
  3. Why don't you smash yours? Clearly they useless to you anyway
  4. You do realise you just insulted some of your own clannies and said they aren't suited to osw?
  5. Onsey always cheering from the sidelines.

    His post is back peddling In the hope he doesn't get whacked. He didn't know they were active again before he ran his mouth.

  6. I heard New Age is doing pretty good since twicc quit :roll: :lol: :lol:
  7. The difference between NA and worms. We don't run like worms on rainy day. Worms is nothing. Only EE clan that did great history are Omet. They start building EE war build and tracking and WC. You guys only copy the Omet strategy and trying to get credits 
  8. Omet lol 
  9. who even digs out these graves? Really.
  10. Isn't telling someone to commit suicide silenceable? Yea it is. Mods get on that. Lmao.

    Musang bro where is your clan? I don't see it anywhere. Idk why you still have the nuts to reply to me, given the fact i abused u and your clan for months by myself....
  11. What happened to those guys?
  12. I meant val being the only worthwhile guy in worms
  13. Where did I said he commit suicide idiot. I said jump off a cliff with all your devices. It's his choice to jump off a cliff with river bottom. Just tired reading him here with this nonsense retirement post. Just go away already quitter 
  14. I don't know who you abusing but I have a good guess you abuse yourself a lot online
  15. Look at your clan.. It's gone. Look at your build, you haven't grown in years essentially. I've been back 2/3 months and I'm already bigger than you, performed higher strip amounts than you. When you dedicate your life to a game like you have, maybe you just don't have the brains or the skill to actually make it worthwhile.
  16. Yea and alien exist and abducted you too Who you stripped online again the pink elephant wearing a tap hat
  17. The difference between NA and worms is our leader didn't spend $2000 in an attempt to break the ToU which led to him getting scammed, and then quitting a month later abandoning his family in a osw they are losing.
  18. Still insulting some of your own members...
  19. Dun dun dunnnnn!