May old souls rest

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  1. Hand of God came right after the worms. Basically was the lesser version of worms, still was awesome though and had great time in both! (Thanks eagle for convincing Val to let me join :lol:)
  2. Sorry to hear you are leaving Val!! :( It was a pleasure playing alongside you and I wish you all the best in RL. 
  3. This is 2 years old 
  4. Wow this is old  still want to know how "Worms dominated Wolves" when they won 2 out of their 3 ee wars
  5. Most hated EVER? Clearly you don't remember Moc and the Aztec clan(s)
  6. Worms won 2 by a very large margin, and lost one by a just a small amount as I remember.

  7. Never heard of Moc so that says a lot, plus never knew Aztec did EE
  8. Only one of those two wins was a big margin, the other 2 were 2b apart. Look at WR clan history
  9. While I do hate Aztec, they are a joke nobody even cares enough to hate them lol. Little irrelevant spaztecs. And never even heard of Moc in my 5 years of playing
  10. There was a lot more than 3 wars fought between wolves and worms.
  11. I only remember some skirmishes between them , only 3 ee wars that I can recall
  12. Nah they lost to us so many times they almost shut down their clan, because they couldn't find any EE wins since they kept matching us.
  13. EE wasn't the thing the worms were best for. 
  14. Best for? English hard much? Worms tried osw and got slaughtered they should have stuck to ee

  15. Here is one example
  16. :| You're joking, right?
    By who?

  17. False, most never bothered. It was mostly a clan of Alts. With mains in other clans. You can't name one time we all sat in a clan and osw vs another clan.
  18. Lol. ONESY, is really gonna try badmouth my clan. Ok

  19. You mustn't have known we started back up again did you