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  1. I love masks.
    Masks are fun.
    Masks are scary.
    Masks are silly.
    Masks are nice.

    People wear masks.
    People cover themselves up with a mask.
    People hide behind a mask.
    People love their mask.

    Masks are an easy way to hide the truth.
    Masks are an easy way to escape yourself.
    Masks are an easy way to fake a smile.
    Masks are an easy way to cover up pain.
    Masks are an easy way to decieve people.

    I hate masks....
  2. Are you okay?
  3. I wear a surgical mask when I’m in public during flu season...
  4. What about gas masks
  5. I am okay. I just wanted to share my poetry, and honestly, I kind of feel like my poetry is dumb.
  6. If ya wanna make it not so dumb follow back
  7. Ur mom gey
  8. Yo let her express her art
  9. Don’t trust that.....what’s your name again ?
  10. Is stealing the content from another poem plagiarism?
  11. Yup