Martial Arts

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  1. Krav Maga, best for street fights hands down
  2. I have mastered the rasengan as well as the shadow-clone jutsu. My skills are rivaled only by the rinnegan.
  3. BJJ, then boxing, then branch out from there.

    As for BJJ. Some schools focus on self defense more than others which focus more on competitive BJJ. Find one that has a focus on street fighting self defense and you will find a focus on takedowns, take down defense, and defense vs striking.
  4. Martial arts in general was for self defence and anger management reasons, BJJ was more for the artform and technique of it, as well as increasing ground work skills since most of my training in past has been striking based.
  5. I’ve heard a lot about krav but don’t know much, what’s it like to train?

    Also thanks Sinan, May be that my gym is more competition based than Street fighting style, might be something I’d need to look at.
  6. Russian Sambo because it is more in depth than jiu jutsu and judo and is considered a lethal weapon
  7. I haven’t actually heard of sambo before, I’m assuming it’s more grappling based than striking?
  8. Look for gyms with philosophical similarities to something like Gracie University, Rener and Ryron Gracie. They have a pretty strong self defense focus. They are only one example of many. And they do some pretty entertaining videos on YouTube.

    Easy link
  9. Jeet Kune Do - "the way of the intercepting fist" build on the philosophy of Bruce Lee
  10. I know a few people who do JKD and they like it. It's a more striking based version of Jiu Jitsu from what they have told me. They don't seem to do more traditional style stuff like katana/sword defences. Seems interesting to me and I would definitely give it a go if I had time.

    One very important thing I will say here is look for martial arts that have stood the test of time if you can. A lot of newer martial arts are still developing and in a lot of cases are not effective. If you ever see dojos where senior belts have got there in a short period of time (with no previous experience) then don't go there. It's easy to get a black belt online, it's hard to earn one through training. Guess which one there will potentially save your life?
  11. I dont think there is ultimately one best martial arts style. Most of the styles are good but whether you can really use it to it's full potential is done to the practicioner.

    For example you won't wanna train in a soft style like wing chun if you are built like a rock nor would you wanna train in wrestling if you are tiny.

    The best style is one that suits your build, your character and temperament.
  12. Reilly Bodycomb Sambo look it up . He’s a bad mutha.
  13. Kimbo slice