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  1. Hey all,

    I’ve been training MMA for a little while now, and have spent a little time training a number of different martial arts styles. A few of my friends have differing martial arts backgrounds, yet each maintains their discipline to be the ultimate and superior form. Personally, I have a background in boxing, Muay Thai, a little judo and karate, and recently took up Brazilian jiu jitsu and wrestling.

    I was curious to see what you all felt was the best martial art, be it from a streetfight or self defence perspective, or from an angle of discipline and respect. If you were to choose one style to be supreme, what would it be, and why?

    My personal favourite from a self defence perspective would be Muay Thai, however I’ve really taken to enjoying BJJ and wrestling in a similar fashion. The more formal styles of karate and judo held a lesser appeal due to the aspects of formality and procedures.
  2. Mauy thia and Brazilian jui jitsu n kick boxing

    That all you need to be a pro fighter
  3. I’d say wrestling is important in that as well. Take downs and takedown defence is essential.
  4. Boxing and wrestling for mma. If you were a wrestler in high school/college you are just more physical because of how intense it is. Boxing is the best striking martial arts for a street fight situation or mma.
  5. Sam tu dang kung fu
  6. No. Just no. Gtho.
  7. The reason why karate, judo and aikido seem to be less effective overall is because they are subsections of traditional Japanese jiu jitsu. They branched off to focus on specific areas which is good and bad as you get more focus which means faster results on some areas but less breadth of knowledge and ability.

    As someone who studies jiu jitsu and have studied other martial arts, I can say while it is a very effective martial art as it covers striking, locking, throwing, weapons and more.

    I would argue that there are many great martial arts out there and which one is the best depends on the situation it is put in. The issue is people who haven't studied different martial arts are talking from a very narrow (and biased) point of view.

    I would argue that jiu jitsu is one of the better ones as it is broad in what it can do, however that does come with the need to study it for longer to be truly effective.
  8. I’ve only done boxing and it’s been super beneficial. From both a physical and mental confidence perspective. However i imagine MMA and or something that also covers being taken down and on the ground would be the most beneficial martial art.
  9. Aikido is pretty legit; lots of writs grabs/locks and defensive throws 
  10. Really interesting perspective. I’m personally limited in my time in BJJ having only spent 4 or 5 months training, however I’ve seen very little training regarding striking defence and counters. May just be my Gym doesn’t focus on it, but is there a great focus on that aspect?
  11. My main issue with aikido is it seems to be only really effective against untrained fighters. Usually when it comes down to aikido vs any other martial art, aikido comes off second best. Granted I’m getting this from watching videos online, so im no expert as I’ve never studied aikido.
  12. My only issue with boxing was it left me really unprepared for how to deal with kicks. The stance is pretty susceptible to leg kicks and takedowns. Obviously there is no reason for boxers to worry about this in competition, but from a defensive perspective it has limitations.
  13. I've recently gotten a black belt in eating pizza
  14. I do Japanese jiu jitsu (traditional jiu jitsu) whereas bjj while similar has more of a focus on ground work. We do a lot of striking defence work from punches, kicks and weapons. Also at higher levels you also learn counters to wrist and arm locks, and how to defend against skilled attackers. One of the key things I've been taught is that while getting hit, kicked, stabbed etc isn't good, it's also very likely if they're a skilled attacker. The key thing is coming out on top and alive. That's the reality of a skilled attack. Also people need to understand how important practicing surprise attacks is. Learning how to defend against being grabbed or pushed down is a vital skill that is realistic.

    A practice method is doing something we call daisy chains. People stand in a line. Person #1 is pushed forwards with force so that they will go down by person 2. Person 1 rolls and gets into a defensive stance while person 2 is moving in to attack. Person 1 then defends themself from this attack. Person 2 moves back to the start of the line and person 3 pushes them etc etc. Scale attacks to the ability of the defender and you have a good way to practice techniques and put them under pressure. There are more like this but this is just an example of a simple practice that really puts your ability to the test.

    Main issue with aikido is it is a sub section of jiu jitsu that focuses mostly on the flow and movement. It has some great defensive techniques and self preservation however it has some major weaknesses too. I am no martial arts expert however I have a friend who does aikido (he's a brown belt) and he is a light blue in jiu jitsu. His ability to land from throws, gracefully roll and move opponent balance is really good. These all matter as they allow you to preserve yourself in a fight but the weakness here is the focus is mostly on preservation and not on control. They do locks and some throws too but it is not their main focus (it will vary depending on where you train). Aikido is super defensive from what I know which can lead to not being able to stop the attack, merely just stop it for a while. This can deter people or allow you the chance to escape which I think is one of the best ways to stay safe. This is why aikido does so poorly in a 1v1 situation as it's usually not about dominating an opponent. Someone who knows more about this can definitely add on to this though.

  15. Thank you for the clarification, that definitely makes more sense. I’d say based on your description traditional jiu jitsu May have more modern applications in terms of 1 on 1 combat, though again I wouldn’t say I’m knowledgeable or proficient enough in BJJ to be confident in knowledge of those aspects. Is there any offensive striking training in traditional style?

    I’d definitely agree with your stance on aikido there also.

    A black belt in pizza eating sounds admirable, though I’d imagine it’s gonna need to have a fair few notches 
  16. Observe the skills that I have amassed through rigorous training

  17. I wouldn’t say that there is a “supreme” martial art because every situation is different, and each discipline has its strengths and weaknesses. Example: a Muay Thai fighter brought to the ground is far less effective then a bjj practitioner when brought to the ground and vice versa. That being said it’s always good to train multiple disciplines! Take Gunnar Nelson, he utilizes Goju-Ryu for striking and Bjj for the ground and pound. Personally I take Muay Thai and bjj, but I’ve been looking into taking judo since throws and take downs seem pretty fun . Have fun and be safe rolling and sparring friends!
  18. Interesting stuff. That being said everyones focus here is more so on the fighting/defense and little on real discipline. I say that as real disipline is of the mind and spirit then onto the body. But happy to see in some way people learning to yake from one style while adding another. Now if this practice was done in a spiritual way it would greatly impact family and society in a positive way.
  19. Very valid point. I think Muay Thai and BJJ pair well thanks to clinching, so I’d tend to agree. I love the positivity and cooperation that comes with rolling and sparring. It feels less like a fight and more like you’re just learning from each other.
  20. Yes this is true. Take down only help u during take downs. But a fight is like playing speed chess. Which why BJJ. Help out a lot. This catagory can take a life time to master. But if I had to start over BJJ were I'll start.

    Question y do u want to learn it?