Marrox the Confined - New Epic Battle

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  1. nice designing charlie eb looks real good
  2. Lmao

    Don't care

    Last phase has optional bars. haha. Don't just keep hitting atk and kill it before you get to steal and make the gold and goodies.
  4. So when's the new mith equip coming out?
  5. Limited time?
  6. Good Question
  7. permanent epic battle or limited time?
  8. The only confined thing here is your imagination.

    Plox devs, come up with something original
  9. Permanent
  10. Can this item be added to the event chests?
  11. My fan girl :*
  12. I was getting worried the game was starting to become a cash grab and then die game. This honestly brings new life to the game as clams work to figure out the best ebs and people stay active to get the new item. I think long term this will be more favourable then the events. I only suggest keeping this equipment better then any event otherwise it'll die and no one will worry about it which would defeat the purpose. I'm excited and I hope to see more of this, perhaps even do this to some old equipment from ebs which are never done anymore.
  13. Thank you for releasing this epic battle! I am looking forward to trying it someday!
  14. Devs dont listen to us. Only ll and hte fairies..  We must rise in revolution against the thinking harambes!
  15. So gold key will cost nobs = real money. Let me guess normal key will give you 10 tokens, whereas gold key ..... yabba dabba doo..... will give you 100 tokens. Another ruse to entice people to spend more cash on the game.
  16. Honestly just shut up. Like your complaining because you have to work harder than those whose spend money? At least free to play players can even get this at all.
  17. Tbh i came here to complain about yet another pay to play eb. After reading the thread was pleasantly surprised. First increased 2k event rewards now a new eb that isn't just for big spenders? Did you hire new staff or something? Lol :p keep up the good work guys!
  18. Is it any good? I'm curious to hear about clans who have done it.

  19. You cared enough to respond moron