Making strips do damage again

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  1. 1&2: this is completely irrelevant so im going to stop replying to them

    3. On computers, duh, its not as much information as your tiny brain thinks it is

    3.5. Heres the link ... i-arasaki/

    5. Just because an app is running in the background doesn't mean you're counted as logged in, it means the opposite also you see those green lights next to peoples names in fourms? They track everyone who's online and offline in fourms, so its obvious they can do the same thing game wide

    5.5: i suggested the idea to count your first battlewin after a strip , you can ignore that part i guess.

    6. As i said already, so few people use it that it has no affect on this idea.
    To say that it should is to say we shouldn't have allies for the same reason . Huurrrr durrrrr
  2. I didn't read the entire thread so sorry if this has already been mentioned, but what if there was a way to strip players buildings away? I feel like this would be a good way to do lasting damage to an account and add an interesting twist to osw
  3. Strips still do damage. Save couple of hundred trillions and strip a BC player waiting for new lands/buildings. How is this not damage?
  4. K

    Oh hard drives you mean but even then, I question how they'd store this info as there are several players that log in daily and you make it seem they store large quanities of user information. I find that strange. I'm sure they'd use filters to target specific info.

    This is where I'm supposed to laugh hysterically. No wonder why I'm questioning your information. Your source is from 2011

    I don't want to blow your mind, pal. But people can appear offline in forums. The green light doesn't come on for most people. The green forum light doesn't TRACK EVERYONE WHO'S ONLINE

    Buddy, where are you pulling this information?
    I'm really curious... The one about KaW running in background = not logged in

  5. I don't know about running in the background but this game is running your lives 
  6. 95% of kaw can't even hit bc players, let alone strip them

  7. 3. Its really not a lot of information

    3.5: the point is that they can track whos online, doesn't matter when the interview is from :p

    5. No, fourms doesn't track everyone who's online, i never said it did, im just proving the developers have the capability too do so, maybe you should go back and read our entire conversation to freshen up, you're so clueless about what you were talking about just a few days ago i wouldn't be surprised to find out that you have multiple people using the same account.

    6. I guess since you need me to explain it in terms even people who are mentally 5 years old (like yourself) will understand i will.

    Few cheaters in kaw, not a lot
    Doesn't make idea less gooder
    Eat poop.
  8. Grow.

  9. I am :p
    Btw a bc player can make 17trill per zta if cruxed so even a 300t strip means very little these days .
  10. You'd know, wouldn't you, genius?

    Yes it does. You're quoting something from 2011. Your source is no longer reliable.

    Well you're doing an awful job
    Buddy, you are the one who's lost it

    I'm pretty sure this little accusation is against tou.

  12. What would you call it, amigo?

    1.Again you can't ask someone to leave.

    3.57A mod will come here and say a mod can ask me to leave ofc they never do though lol

    2.Also please address the hilarious meme/previous mistake I quoted prior.


    Edit:Also you're skipping all my responses while I'm answering all of yours. It seems a little rude :/
  13. Its always the PS who talk the most trash. Support for damageable strips
  14. I just realised when I viewed this thread again that you made a mess of my quotes.

    Just because you don't know what you're doing, I'll clean it up for you and try to go over it all.

    Buddy, I've been arguing with you for a while now and it's becoming obvious you don't know what you're talking about. You didn't know what standby mode was, you spell forums as "fourms", you can't even do simple bbcoding and you have to get your gal pal from LSA to come back you up.

    This is where you specify what you're talking about. You didn't mention a 3.5 prior so you need to clarify.

    The two words "in forums" makes no difference.

    ^That was your full quote

    ^This is your quote denying it.
    You claim KaW tracks online and offline forum users.

    Then you deny it outright and say it never happened.

    Usually in debating as soon as someone doesn't follow their own words, they lose.

    SKIP cause irrelevant

    Grave, it's not a good idea insulting someone when you do something so stupid, smh.

    Buddy, your suggestion already works off KaW's system.

    You aren't revolutionising anything...

    Any way of identifing botters is already within the system and you barely know bbcoding so I doubt whatever knowledge you have could possibly assist KaW's development lmao

    I am a troll but I'm providing an opinion on your thread. You should be more accommodating.

  15. I told you to leave my thread, i already proved you wrong on all accounts and now you're just using circular logic
  16. Btw Do you not realize that there's a difference between everyone online in game and everyone online in fourms ?

    I made the distinction clear.
  17. And I made it clear a page or two ago, you can't ask that anymore...

    I don't understand why people think they can hide behind it.

    I am on-topic and I'm not derailing.

    Still expect a mod to say that they can request someone to leave though however I think I'm within tou, please correct me if I'm wrong.

    Are you even reading your quotes?

    You mention that within forums they track online and offline users... Then say they don't track online and offline forum users.

    It's contradicting, therefore humorous.

    I don't think you're following.

    I had my fun. This thread is an argument between us and people supporting ideas that won't do well lmao
  18. Whatever, keep my idea at the top of active topics while i prove you wrong so badly that it makes my idea look even better

    Also just to mention the amount of allies needed for mp hasn't gone up with inflation, just with max cs, its the same rate as it was in 2009/2010

    And no i mentioned that fourms tracks offline and online players in fourms (as in players that are currently active in fourms[i can't belive i actually have to make that distinction to help your lack of comprehension] )
    Not throughout the entire game. You have yet to understand that.