Making meat Illegal: [Will save Humanity]

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  1. Jet fuel can't melt steel beams.
  2. Yo Welshie!!!! 
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  4. If a cow could take me tell him to try is all I can say... A bear or lion wouldn't think for a second lets not eat a human bc it's wrong... It's Survival of the fittest.
  5. This is correct however jet fuel does burn to around 1,500 degrees which can weaken steel beams to about 10% of there designs weight Capacity and since they were holding millions of pounds...
  6. Btw op states meat is our downfall I think that's incorrect our downfall will b messing with the system of the fittest survive and weak die off even though u cant let a person die that is very ill fit (genetically). They will have kids just as messed up as them. Every day more genetic issues are able to be managed/helped which means more ppl live to have kids. I feel one day this may backfire on us.
  7. Jeb Bush did 7/11. An Dick Cheney made money off the Iraq War. Also Burgers taste god. So does steak. Yum.
  8. Did you skip high school? Because that first sentence made absolutely no sense. And if you want I will try. Otis and I use to kick butt back in the day with our cow fu. Don't underestimate me.
  9. That's called eugenics it was somewhat popular in the 1930's notably in America and Germany
  10. Vegans should be shot on the spot
  11. Morally wrong? ... We classify as 'animals' and are included in the food chain. Because we developed a sense of morals means that we should suddenly become vegetarians? Lions are intelligent, wolfs are intelligent, dogs are intelligent, cats are intelligent, yet they all eat meat. Next thing you know we'll be trying to stop all the other animals from eating meat and completely mess up the food chain.
  12. Food chain. Animals eat animals eat plants absorb sunshine. We are animals. It is our right and indeed our place to eat other animals.

    A world without bacon is a terribly scary world indeed.
  13. Meat is good for you to much meat is a different story
  14. They have a valid point btw how are we going to control there numbers? Kill them and just let there bodies rot for no reason? No that's free food! Meat has helped humans survive for a very long time meat was the primary source of food for the early man and still is today
  15. see the humans have a system. They kill the cows and eat them not because they're the best tasting, but because they're trying to control cows. What would happen if humans never ate cows? Cow Domination.
  16. Fudge dat shi meat is bæ
  17. Guys this thread was meant as a joke, we will continue to eat meat until we are all dead!
  18. Lord Jesus Christ created animals for food.

    Praise Jesus  and God Bless our Souls 

    Vote Trump!
  19. Because this thread needed religion too huh?
  20. nice b8 I r8 8/8