making a fast food curry place

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  1. Name is "Hurry Curry"

    Need a good slogan, I've thought of "When you go curry you don't have to worry" or "No need to worry we are hurrying your curry"

    need help thanks
  2. may consider the name "curry munchers" too
  3. This makes me think of a place called "Curry-Ya" in South Korea. Read that last sentence phonetically.

    For your consideration: "Dining here will 'curry' favor!"

    "It's curry-ummy!" (potentially adding " your tummy!" to the end, if you must rhyme).
    "Contain the fury: try some curry!"
  4. Curry burry in my worry furry
  5. Low Effort. Nonsensical. Go to jail. Go directly to jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect-Oh! Curry!

    I'm sorry. I was saying?
  6. "We scurry to deliver your curry in a hurry"
  7. Give our curry to the jury
  8. noted, thanks for your contribution. if this succeeds I will give you a small amount of money as appreciation
  9. i don't speak Portuguese, sorry.
  10. perhaps but makes us sound more like we actually go out and deliver people. could perhaps actually do that but that requires too much effort.
  11. no I don't like it
  12. Sorry homie there's already several of these in Los Angeles
  13. You know what they say, "Location location location." There's plenty of places that don't sell curry. Plus, there's quite a few different styles of curry that are prepared quite differently from each other. Indian Curry vs Chinese Curry vs Curry in Japan/South Korea, for instance (lumping Japan and South Korea's curry together because it seemed similar at the time).

    Towards even LA though - another Curry place wouldn't necessarily fail. Look at areas where you have a McDonalds competing with a Burger King competing with a Jack-In-The-Box competing with a Wendy's all a short distance from each other on the same street.
  14. im from the uk
  15. El mucho bell pepperplace
  16. "Now you can run through your curry the way your curry runs through you"
  17. I'm just saying the name is already taken lol
  18. We had a curry place like that at our largest shopping centre here. They didn't make it sadly.
  19. no it's not
  20. Install a lot of toilets