Make war great again

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  1. Devs u gotta improve the war lb rewards, there used to be many players warring when eq was on the war lb, but now I see over 10k on the eb lb and less than 500 on the war lb towards the end of the event.

    It’s always the same players who war, Tiers have gone from 4-5 tiers to 1-2 tiers. Bottom players in 30v30 war with restrictions on can’t hit tops and can only hit their sizes which basically makes it 2 tiers in one war where both tiers ignore each other. Barely any players are looking to start warring often, I know maybe 5 new players in the past month who’ve told me they want to war more.

    What’s the harm in give war lb players same rewards as eb lb players? Same as before, If more statless players war then 30v30 be split into 15-20v15-20 where most of the players can hit all. Even if it gets more regular players warring maybe small maybe big but at least we have to expand the war community otherwise it’s just the regular 100 players.

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  2. Supported!
  3. 🌝support, kaw gone soft
  4. Support 👊🏼
  5. Support but devs don’t care
  6. Support 😉
  7. I support this
  8. Support
  9. drop some 💸💸💸
  10. Support. Also wouldn’t hurt to have crestplate drop % from wars💁🏻‍♂️
  11. Full support great idea.
  12. Support... war is only going downhill with a small core of players regularly casting with same top10 every event because of very little competition, the war equip that offers PVP plunder bonus doesn’t have stats that compete with EB equipment and other than that day-to-day warring has very little perks, as seen multiple times and I’m sure devs have seen it too, war should offer potential crestplate drops for winners and they should be policed more to stop inactivity and double casting... these very little changes I’m sure would be much appreciated by the EE community
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  13. AFAIK the PVP plunder bonus doesn't even apply in wars so the war eq contributes exactly 0 to wars.

    Support! Even if not dropping plates directly a spell like EE or tweaking EE to increase plate drop % would go a long way.
  14. Support, war equip should work estoc war as well also. If your not going to increase awards, make war chests more valuable.