make hunters tokens tradeble

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  1. Please make either hunters tokens or the new dullahans chests tradable!
    Would make sense imo. Thx

    /edit: probably making the chests tradable would be a huge thing since they might contain crestplates. But any upgrade material should be tradable. Lets stick to this...
  2. Wouldn't really make sense. Chests aren't that rare, tokens aren't that rare of a drop. Making them tradable just means another feature for alts to abuse horribly.

    Also, no other free-to-open chests are typically tradable. Only one I can think of had been.
  3. I think this would end like with the charms, everything will be just another farm. I d like to see a crestplate upgrade system, like 10 LowLand crestplates for 1 HighLand. 50HL for 3 HF and so on
  4. How would alts abuse it? Most upgrade material for furniture is tradeble why not those for the banners?
    One other alt got a pvp lb-Banner and with this Account im making b2b dullahan ebs.
    Its not "abuse" if i could give the upgrade tokens to that alt.
  5. Making hunter tokens tradable deincentivizes actually doing the dullahan eb. Event banners should require some chasing/work to get upgrades for IMO (and tbf that has generally been true)--not just running four ebs with a dozen alts to max out your main in 2hr.

    Also, banners are equipment, not furniture. That's a big difference. No equip ug material is or was ever tradeable.
  6. Sorry but i cant see where the Point is in what You are saying. I havent seen any logic argument by now..

    -it was lots of effort getting that pvp lb-banner. Its just insane that it's also necessary to additionally put another high effort in getting the upgrade Material.

    -almost all Boxes are tradable.

    -equipment Upgrade Material (Aqua and Inferno) is prctically tradable by trading boxes where it can be inside
  7. How about making the cards tradeable? I can’t seem to find them so pls correct me if I am wrong about that.
  8. The only free-to-open box that has ever been tradeable was the rainbow chest. Why would the free to open dullahan chest be tradeable?
  9. The dullahan boxes might be free to open. But they are Hard to get: the Cards needed to open the premium eb were only given out by doing another ptw-premium eb (besides that 1 set you could earn by doing the legend. Nobs were needed there also).
    I cant see where trading the tokens could be an "abuse" as mentioned by you.
    We have seen hundreds of statless alts farming charms with nk for months. Now THAT was an abuse. Or the pets...too less too late has Been done there.
    But calling my suggestion abusable doesnt make too much sense to me sorry. I just cant See it.
  10. How to get more cards
  11. Op, you missing the entire point. You SHOULD have to put in the same amount of work to get upgrade tokens. That’s why it’s a CHALLENGE. I’m confused as to how your not seeing that.
  12. There is to much tradable crap already! Bad idea, only gives the charm farmers another exploit to take advantage of. Just stop whining and hit someone.
  13. Not everything needs to be tradable...
  14. Support to help clean. This hunter token will become just another junks in inventory. I doubt most can even reach 10 for first upgrade. Most clan don’t have enough cards to open the eb to get the box. Each have random box drop. The box itself randomly drop the hunters token also.
  15. Not going to make these tradeable. As far as I know banner upgrades have always been earned and not something one could trade for.
  16. Well i am always Open for good and rational arguments.

    Because "it has always been like that" isnt one of them!

    If you question things "that have always been like this" then you can Talk about Development and in the best case about improvement.

    If we always would stick to things "that have always been like that" we would still be running naked through the woods, living in caves and hailing Chuck Norris. Just saying. 
  17. Trading and gifting anything on this platform leads to abuse and imbalance that development team will study to death and be paralyzed with indecisions of how to fix. Better not going there.