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  1. Hello. Since I used to Play ad a gh back in the good old days and I am back with this account I have to say to you devs: why dont you remake guilds in lowland a super plunder bonus Built? Or better even greater plunder than it used to be. In this way new Player can grow faster. I know that it would be exploited for alts, but who cares. People who made many alts just help to keep the game active(and I have to say they must have a lot of Free time in their hands top...). So, this is just my tought. I hope you could do this...
  2. This is literally pointless, I started 3 days ago look at me.
  3. 4 days actually
  4. With the additions of the extra 3 lands guilds are now pretty obsolete. New players can skip the first couple of tiers and max lowland and highlands pretty quickly.
  5. Yeah becouse you used real money
  6. You spent real money fool
  7. Doesn’t matter, you can have a trillion gold few goes after starting, no need to even build guilds anymore. Just place lvl 1 sos on lowlands and go unlock lands until you reach the Rai and use the tokens you get to build and build. Don’t even gotta use your gold.
  8. youre not new. you are an alt. genuine new players wouldnt know this, and wouldnt be paying real money

  9. Dude u spending money on this thing at this point is kinda wacky, then coming to forums and frontin' like u actually done somethin' 

  10. How about you comment with a bigger account?

    All I’m saying is, Making GH at this point is useless. You can outgrow and make more money than them in a few hours.
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  13. Well you're right ignore these tools
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  15. They just need to bring back real wars. Not none of this sissy no allie bonus when hitting during war typa thing.
  17. No support gh has no use in the world of growth lmao op miss paying out crap while making nice plunder in wars in z time wars are rigged with inactives an leaks I guess op got reactive 2014 ideas