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    make ally chat admin chat for clans PLEEEEEEEZ
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    Been suggested a thousand times. Hasn't happened a thousand times.

    Some people use do use AC. If you want an admin chat make an admin room using a 3rd party app (for ex. Line)
  3. Don't limit yourself to admin chat just switch it to a GaW version Crew Chat
  4. As long as you own all your admins, there shouldn't be a problem.
  6. Turn off wc when in war would be a start.
  8. I actually enjoy using ally chat. I verbally abuse my allies.

    Anyone want to be hired?

  9. He's not kidding.
  10. admin chat agreed
  11. Me
  12. Same
  13. The day this gets implemented is the day pigs learn to fly.
  14. No vote I like talking to my owner and allies that don't talkÓźí
  15. No support people need to be able to talk to tbeir allies and make sure they are active or if they need something but admins dont need that there chat ups for a reason and thats what 99% clans use that
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    This is actually one of my biggest complaints against ata.
    Kaw is essentially based on a social app with a game tacked on.

    The game has developed and so have clans to an extent.
    Yet we are still forced to use third party apps for many things.
    This is one of the areas ata should prioritise

    Extra chat options both message boards for members of clans only and for admins and groups of friends would be a huge step forward.

    The game may need some enhancement.
    But ata's main priority should be to build upon the social aspects that made this game what it is. And to push those features as far as possible so that we don't need to go to 3rd party apps to chat to groups of our choice.

    Making us leave the game to communicate is totally self defeating. Keep us chatting here and you keep players active and happier in the game.
    Happy community = thriving game environment.
    More $$$$
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    In no way are you forced to leave app to talk with everyone ata created this magical thing called clan chat for this reason :D using it would be good idea
  18. Clan chat only works for clan mates.
    When you have players spread across multiple clans3rd party apps are the only way to communicate to all at once.

    When you want a permanent message to the clan that you don't want outsiders to see you cannot post on clan page ca is not big enough and cc would lose the notice before all see it.
    An in clan member page would solve the announcements for clans

    Alliance clans chat = 3rd party
    Admin chat = 3rd party
    Council = 3rd party etc.

    And all of these are additions ata could make to kaw.
    Until such time. Logging out of kaw and going to a 3rd party is the only way to mass communicate with select players.
    And future combat used to have a version of one of those ideas.