Make a % of the gold your allies earn

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  1. This would be interesting ... let's say you get 1-10% of all the gold that your allies earn .
  2. Would work better as a tax maybe, where 0.1% of a hit goes to your owner? Not much of a loss, but a very minor incentive?
  3. Don't the people who have a ton of allies at the top have enough gold already?
  4. Yea no support, as amazing as that would be that would cause way too mass of an inflation increase in the game. Even if it was a tax off the gold you made that would penalize somebody by being owned. Generally that would mean the bigs are profiting off the smalls which really doesn't need to be done. I wouldn't be opposed to any gold in allies past MP increasing your plunder by a small %, that would benefit everyone ;P
  5. Think GoW had it where when allies(or whatever they were called over there) bought land or a building the owner got a some profit for ally being active
  6. What would be cool is if 1-10% of everyone's hit plunder/maybe end plunder went into a massive lottery system.

    Then you could purchase varying priced tickets to try and win some.

    For example..

    A 1 million gold ticket would give you the opportunity to win a small prize like 10k-10m gold

    Where as with a more expensive ticket.. Say.. 1 trillion

    Would obviously have higher stakes where it would offer say.. None at all-10 trillion gold, with the chance of winning the jackpot obviously being way lower than the lower priced tickets.
  7. Support but only bc I own you
  8. like the idea but just does not go with KaW. Think closest we would ever get to this is the zoma chest and alter.
  9. lol ️
  10. No support
  11. I like this. This can be a set amount for each new land or whatever so it doesn't give way too much but does give a bit
  12. This would simply force up the price of active allies even more.
  13. I like this better. Getting a small percentage of what your ally spends to upgrade. Unfortunately I can see it being exploited with alts. Would be an interesting idea though
  14. No the Top ally lb like caffaine tangra as you can see already able maintain top even without premium ebs everyday. He already making alot gold from allies hires, this making it worse
  15. No support

    Would make the gap between big and smalls even bigger