Make A Good Thread Day Returns [MGTD]

Discussion in 'Other KaW Discussion' started by Moody, Apr 5, 2018.

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  1. You also get infinite forum speakers after you win :)
    And before you win, but hey ho
  2. Like a valiant knight type of achievement for forums ?
  3. do we really need rewards to get good threads around here

  4. Sounds like a good idea. Full support :^)

  5. Just an added touch having rewards.
  6. The winner can declare Todd banned from forums. We can have peace again like the fourth age of lord of the rings
  7. There have been rewards for stuff like this in the past so it's not anything out of the ordinary. You thinking that it's because the forums are dead/dying is confirmation bias. I agree that forums need more activity but the rewards are certainly not because of that :p
  8. so a couple people are gonna post hastily made joke threads and then forums is gonna go back to being dead

    and someone gets a seal

  9. Looking forward to reading your thread.
  10. You can't force quality.

    Sorry, I meant you can't force quality... With a cruddy sotd
  11. [title2]REMINDER[/title2]

    MGTD is in two days time and all threads must be in before 11:59:59 PST on Saturday 21st!
  12. :?
  13. Do Maik, Dave and Spud even know the difference between a thread and forum?
  15. The judges are people who have zero experience on the forums, this was doomed to fail from the beginning. Good try, trying to give even more power to the mods. These mods think they’re kings in this game lol
  16. Honestly considering participating. Then again maybe not. I like the idea though!
  17. And so it begins...

    So everyone! Today is officially Make a Good Thread Day. A few reminders:

    1) your title must have MGTD in it to qualify for the competition.
    2) one entry per player - alts not allowed - devs will check
    3) closes in 24 hours at 11:59:59 PST so any thread made after that will not be discussed by the judges.
    4) the OP has what the judges are looking for but put simply, anything that has had some kind of effort put into it, well researched for example and that has relevance to the every member of this forum.
    5) good luck! I will be watching and stirring debate where I can!

    Finally, a huge massive thank you in advance to all you creative thread writers. Without your time, effort and inclination then this never would have worked. So thank you all!

    Moods ️
  18. What if not a single good thread is made and we just get a bunch more filler threads?
  19. Make a good thread mods
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