Make A Good Thread Day Returns [MGTD]

Discussion in 'Other KaW Discussion' started by Moody, Apr 5, 2018.

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  1. Rules can be tweaked a ? Shouldn’t all be mods judging since you guys always decide unfairly to lock active threads
  2. As discussed earlier in this thread, please contact Moody with all your suggestions.
  3. Moody let’s just say what needs to be said. GOOD GOD WOMAN SHUT THE HELL UP
    this thread is not about you
  4. This is about the entire KaWmunity in regards to forums, Domo. Mods, you see what I mean about this harassment?
  5. You keep posting my name. I’m just responding to you posting my name or did you forget that?
  6. I wasn’t talking to you. But remember, just because someone uses your name, doesn’t mean you have to respond. ;)
  7. Problem is keep derailing the forums. This is not about you, I’ve said that. So participate or don’t, which you said you won’t, then get out of the tread. Simple
  8. How is anything I said about myself? It’s been about the forums. I responded to the comment of me not having to join in, if that’s what you’re cherry picking, stop now. This is precisely the harassment I’m talking about. It’s been like this since the firearm thread. Enough is enough and allow the forums to be forums again. I’m sick of you turning it into trash.
  9. How do you give someone keys and xtals?
  10. Moody has discussed the prizes with the devs. He'll contact them with the winners' names so they can give them their prizes.
  11. Oh that’s so cool! The devs helping is cool.

  12. Why cant you stop your whining and bitterness in're one of the worst ones in a while always attacking people etc..if it ain't your thing do what 99.9% of others do and move with all that derailing out the way...

    kudos moody for realizing we need more content and trying to re-implement something that's worked in the past. All haters can dispute objections in my nf til then good day
  13. Well I did read one post on this thread that makes a bit of sense why even post a thread when you just get Todd or some other tool coming along and ruining it? and yeh forums are dead for this very reason too many idiots Gl everyone participating.

  14. Not sure what happened. But this should have been in my OP..comments directed at belladonna not moody
  15. Bitterness and always attacking people? Oh, please elaborate on that fallacy. Prove that I have been attacking others. Rebuttals aren’t attacks, as I’ve already told Domo once before when he claimed I was attacking him.
  16. If you have nothing positive to add then get out of thread. Do a “about me thread” thread so your not attacking players in and or derailing others threads.
    Moody trying to get something started here. You’re killing the vibe.
  17. You just can’t handle facts, Domo. You think it’s attacking when someone proves you wrong. I am offering information. If you’re offended by what information I’m offering, you can get out of the thread. Forums aren’t a place for weak individuals who can’t handle rebuttal.
  18. I've read through the forums. Domo has been pretty much on course with pointing out your viral hatred for what really is the truth. You have it all wrong Original_Belladonna, the forums aren't a place for weak individuals who can't handle the truth. Your rebuttals have been just mostly false and out right combative. Not sure what actually you are trying to come across as but the way you are doing it is getting your message lost in the process. It's ok to get beat it's how you act when you do is the measure of an adult. Just my 2 cents. Hope it helps
  19. Emphasized the part where domo suggests taking the argument/rebuttal to your own thread. Please stop derailing this one. Moody put a good amount of time and effort into this and even asked the devs for in game rewards to give to the winners and incentive to get more positive posts in forums. Please don't take your anger out on this thread. Thank you.
  20. An sotd for a good thread?

    What a horrible deal.

    If I were to enter (which I probs would for the gigs) and since like Todd I think I'm the top of the top, so I'm guaranteed to win.

    What would someone like me do with an sotd?

    This is forums, we should be getting something that involves forums.
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