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  1. Let’s be realistic , the forum community hates Michael, if he was on the list the community wouldn’t do it . And of course he’s biased .
  2. Lets see who can come up with an epic forum post. I am sure with the input and dedication from the comunity could make this a fun thing for all.
  3. I’m not derailing it. I’m pointing out your condescending attitude towards other players in respect to this forum post.

    About this post, how many threads will be locked due to the perception of an individual? ;)
  5. I think grammar should be a key point in these forum posts, and judging should include that.
  6. Looking forward to this so much. I miss using the forums as much as I used to as I got super busy but I will hopefully be able to use this to help get me back here full time.
  7. A good question, a good suggestion even. What you should do is be thankful for players suggesting better solutions. But no, instead you reply rudely. You're going to talk about derailing here Im assuming, but by making a rude response like this you are the one derailing the thread. This is acceptable behavior for regular players, but you're supposed to be forum role models. Lets just say you're not coming off great.
  8. To summarise my decision to include new moderators as judges and not open it up more generally:

    1) I think an opportunity to get to know new moderators is valuable. Knowing what makes them laugh and what makes them friendly makes this community better because we are all on the same side. The side of having a good time in this app.

    2) why didn’t I choose classic forummers? Because currently the forums are a bit rubbish... we used to have hilarious threads littering active topics. AshesofEden and WillyTheDeuce would light up our screens and make this a great place to hang out. These days, the characters are not as witty.

    3) is it all about wit? Of course not, MGTD winners can be the most interesting, most informative or simple a personal story that could intrigue the masses. The moderator team is always chosen to be representative of the whole community and I hoped that would be the case now.

    4) I’m still learning. I haven’t run a MGTD before and I am only human. I thought this would be a good opportunity to get to know the new gang but I understand that it could look like an elitist club. I will bare this in mind for future MGTD that I want to run and definitely open it out to more of the Kawmunity.

    I hope that clears it up a bit. But ultimately your dislike of any feature of this MGTD should be directed at myself as I am the puppet master of this event.

    Let’s just have a bit of fun, be creative and see what interesting stuff we can read on Saturday.

  9. Why can’t these new mods create an “about me” thread to explain themselves and what they’re into so the KaWmunity gets to know them? Also, the forums are “rubbish”? How so? Because they’re not littered with bb codes and bold fonts? I mean, unless you want to make it easier to create a “flashier” thread, forums will stay stagnant. These forums have been the same for years, they would do better with easier accessibility for everyone. I can’t do bb codes on my phone, but if I were on PC, it would be so much easier. That’s why the forums are rubbish, because it takes so much just to get a decent looking thread like how we used to have back in the early days of KaW.
  10. They are welcome to make an about me Thread if they wish, but surely it is their decision and not mine to enforce upon them - I thought a competition with prizes would be a better way of getting the community together in the spirit of Good Thread writing.

    This thread was written on a phone with no pc input - but I just know the codes through practice. Lack of pc isn’t an excuse for no bbcodes.

    Do bbcodes make a Good Thread? Absolutely not. It’s all about content and my opinion is the content currently on forums is no where near the standard of 3 years ago. I’m pretty sure most people would agree.

    If you don’t like the competition then you don’t have to enter Donna. But does that mean it won’t be fun for people who do want to have a go at some creative thread writing?
  11. I even touched on this in my description in the OP :) codes don't make a good thread, but they can certainly draw people in.

    RE: "about me"
    Pretty sure a thread all about me, or maik, or Dave, or spud, would get ridiculed into oblivion by people claiming we're self-absorbed. It's not too hard to ask us in wall or pm if anyone wants to know things :D I think this type of event is a good way to engage--if someone wants to engage! Wc is often hard to catch people to get to know them, and forums are so hit and miss on seeing people post.
  12. They’re judges, they’re not contestants who are required to give a brief intro or statement about themselves. How would judging this MGDT allow players to “get to know them”?

    Lack of PC is not an excuse and I didn’t use it as one, I just stated that it was easier with a pc. Which it is.

    Your perception of what is good and what isn’t is moot. If someone just types out a long, drawn out, informative post, it will get shut down if people aren’t responding to it. I’ve seen it time and time again. I’m sure a lot of people would agree with me that forums are littered with alt accounts who have nothing better to do than to troll forums, harassing players who genuinely wanted to open up dialogue.

    Now that’s the biggest point of any forum, that it will open up dialogue. Take for example my post about certain types of firearms, that exploded and caused immense dialogue. That’s what we need. And just because a few of you don’t think that a forum is “intriguing”, doesn’t mean it isn’t to others.

    Frankly, I think we just need more players involved in forums. This is a worldwide game, the forums shouldn’t be stagnant the way they are. But you want to know why they are? It’s due to a fear of being rejected, both by the KaWmunity and you guys, the ones that “represent” the KaWmunity.

    I probably won’t join in for a few simple reasons:

    1) Trolls like Todd and Domo would go nuts.
    2) I am too busy with real life to make a “high effort thread” that would be derailed and harassed.
    3) I just don’t find any accomplishing feeling of winning this. I’m not saying I could, but I at least have the grammar part down. ;)
  13. You are the only green in WC. It’s not hard to catch you. Lol. As for the derailing and harassing comments you’d get, well, consider that a welcome to forums gift that each of us who post, have to endure.
  14. Donna stop being such an ass. I don’t see you doing anything for forum community. If your just going to hate leave the thread.
  15. Everybody shun this event until something is done about the power tripping mods locking threads that are doing no harm being there.You are ruining what forums used to be by your rampant abuse of the lock button just to be petty.Nobody is going to waste their time getting involved and putting time and effort writting threads when you vindictively lock them for no reason except to be spiteful.And i hadnt finished with my thread so you are keeping certain threads open as favouritism. Even when they are dull in comparison.
  16. I’m trying to open up dialogue. Dialogue is ESSENTIAL in any forum. That’s what I’m doing for the forum community. So, who is being the ass? I think it’s you.

    Also, it’s “you’re”. ;)
  17. I think they need to remove the locking capabilities. Some threads are exciting, some aren’t. But it’s all perspective. If there is a post about cats, people who like cats will most likely respond. A dog person may not since the thread is related to cats. Locking/removing posts is limiting what is available to the players. In turn, keeping you geared on certain topics and ignoring other areas. The media does this as well. Not locking, but choosing to show you only certain things.

    There would be limitations, like swearing or creating threads directed at individuals. Clan wide is fine, I would love to see more clans become active in OSW, and then litter forums with their threads calling the other clan out. It’s what makes a war game, a war game.
  18. Your entry will be sorely missed. Perhaps, you can enter the next one.
  19. Doubtful.
  20. Truly hope this idea is well accepted by the kawmunity. Moody put forth a lot of effort to make forums fun again.

    Anyone that's complained about how dull & rubbish forums are should fully embrace this & encourage others to post threads.

    Hate me or not, that matters none. This is all of kaw's forums and there should be encouragement, not hate spewed. Put your personal feelings aside for once and fully embrace this contest. Its for everyone's benefit.
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