Make A Good Thread Day Returns [MGTD]

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  1. Howdy folks,

    The title says it all, make a Good Thread Day is back to boost some energy into these forums.

    What even is MGTD?

    Over many years the forums has always been a hub of creativity and joy. A place to bash enemies and sip a pint at Blumpy’s bar and grill

    MGTD has been hosted in these forums several times in my years here and it’s a celebration of the creativity. One that needs a return!

    The Rules

    In the past MGTD has had themes but this time it will be open to everyone and everything. Obviously RoC and ToU must be adhered to but otherwise feel free to be as open as you like.
    One thing you must do is have [MGTD] in your title. This allows searchability for the future to look at all he previous threads made.
    Also, one entry per person! Whilst we celebrate creativity save any extras for another MGTD!
    Feel free to have a search in the forums for some old threads and see where it takes you for your own ideas!

    The Judges

    Your judges will be our newest additions to the moderating panel. Below is a reminder who they are (like you could forget!) and a little bit of information for what they will be looking for in threads to get their top marks.


    Mid-length thread that draws CIVIL engagement from the community (fun or serious topic; KaW-related or off-topic). OP consistently engaging with others on their thread is bonus points. Formatting and readability (bbcodes, line breaks, images, etc) don't contribute to points, but may help bring others onto your thread/convince them to read it.


    I would love to see some funny threads which are kinda related to KaW. I’d love a thread which makes me laugh and which almost is forcing me to react :) (however we all know I’m not the forum guru with less posts but I’m trying to!)


    I will look for creativity and humour. Something unusual, high effort and how it relates to kaw. Controversy is always fun in kaw, be civil but stir that pot!


    Fun and humour for me, I’m so excited I know there will be people putting in a LOT of effort and of course we will have the haters most probably all over everything lol, I was looking through previous stuff I found whilst exploring forums <3 can’t wait to see what people come up with

    Why Should I Bother?


    Well we couldn’t expect you to put any effort into this without some kind of reward! So without further ado:
    [title2]1st Prize[/title2]
    A Seal of the Damned!

    And 3 Health Crystals!

    [title2]2nd Prize[/title2]
    3 Premium Event Boxes and 3 Keys to open them with!

    And 3 Health Crystals!

    [title2]3rd Prize[/title2]
    3 Crystals!

    When is this magical day?

    We obviously need to give you plenty of time to get these researched, written and ultimately perfect ;) so the date of the next MGTD is...

    Saturday 21st April

    Feel free to post any questions here and someone is bound to answer them!

    Good luck!!

    Moody ️
  2. May actually attempt to possibly participate!
  3. Good luck all.
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  5. I thought you can't necrobump threads?
  6. Not a necrobump as this thread was written in a different section of the forum that the community couldn’t see whilst I edited it and now have moved to the main area to be viewed.

    Ultimately, please keep on topic of MGTD
  7. Looking forward to seeing submissions! Happy writing everyone :)
  8. Wishing all the contenders good luck! Surprise us.
  9. Best of luck contestants!
  10. Why are all the judges moderators? Why can’t some be non moderators and normal kaw players?
  11. +1 to that
  12. Not your idea, not your rules.
  13. If it’s up for discussion I’ll bring it up. Good thing your not on there.
  14. Wow, stop treating players like crap, Michael. Your condescending attitude is really getting out of control.
  15.  great idea mods! Thanks for this lol 

    I'm gonna wi-in na-na na-na boo-boo lol

    iPhone X
  16. Is daves alts banned from participating? Just asking.
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